IE does not find some sites.

  TC 23:59 04 Jul 2003

I think I have a rather strange problem. I know the site is working, yet IE says 404 site not found.
How do I know it is working.
I have XP loaded twice on my system. The back up XP works fine, I can view the site, but in the main XP IE says 404 site not found.

So I installed netscape 7.1 thinking it was IE with the problem, but I get the same error. What could be stopping me from seeing a particulare site, also many sites are loaded and at the bottom right says done with errors.
I use Zone Alarm, but I did shut this down so that I was sure it was not the cause, but still the same.

I do have a newer USB driver for my modem on the main XP set up.
I might try and re install the older driver, even though I can't see this would be the problem, but I don't know what else to try.

Anthony 10:42 05 Jul 2003

It might be down to your cookie setup, have a look at this website for more infomation and go to click here
and go to the Tools/Internet Options/Privacy menu. This menu allows you to select how discriminating the browser will be when accepting cookies, based on two factors -- (1) the source of the cookie, and (2) whether the source has a "privacy policy." There are also features for the advanced user, if you'd like to have a greater control over cookies.

A DNS problem.....

What ISP are you using and what connection??

I know that NTL are having DNS problem's( a few of my mates have gone to proxy servers to solve this)

  TC 12:44 05 Jul 2003

Thanks for the answers. I don't think it is a DNS problem, becuase if I run my back XP everything works fine.
I thought it was my modem, but I just logged on using my mobile phone and still have the same problem.

I deleted all the cookies so that I could start again, then I installed NetScape, that still has the same problem.

I just get site not found when I know it is there.
Thanks for the help will keep trying.


  TC 02:01 06 Jul 2003

Now this is odd. My notebook connected via my PC could not view this site. I connected via my phone, I got the site. I viewed a few pages then logged off the phone and connected back via the PC again.

The notebook can now see the entire site. I e-mailed myself a page in the hope that once it is in the browser it will work, but no luck yet.
It appears in the mail as html, but I can not get it to appear in the browser.

  hugh-265156 02:13 06 Jul 2003

is this ntl by any chance?

i and some others using it cannot view some sites while others using different isp`s can.will try to find the thread.

  hugh-265156 02:15 06 Jul 2003

here it is click here i still cant access it.

  TC 02:49 06 Jul 2003

No I am on freeserve.

I get not found, I have had not auth etc, it was my firewall.
turn of your firewall, XP has built in firewall.
Or look in IE setup.

I acctually get URL not found. Even if I use my notebook through my PC, If I then connect with a phone, the notebook works, even if I disconnect the phone, but if I then close the window, when I openit again I get not found.


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