IE Critcal Update

  Stuartli 17:36 03 Feb 2004

Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB832894)

A critcal update was issued yesterday by Microsoft at:

click here

If it's already been posted, my apologies.

  Proxy Worm 18:09 03 Feb 2004

Thanks alot- i neva usually even check if i need them!

  anchor 18:09 03 Feb 2004

Thanks for the post; done!

  Gemma 20:41 03 Feb 2004

I have just tried to update a W98ME machine with this and it has bombed. Download was fine, selected restart. The PC sat at "Updating......this might take a few minutes.." for about 6 minutes with lots of disk activity. It then said "failed to copy %1 to %2" and proceeded no more. Silence. It would only respond to C-A-D and I let it run. Same result. Rebooted in safe mode, same result with the message hidden behind the splash screen (I presume). Seems like a faulty MS batch file update to me?

Perfectly ordinary, fully up to date W98ME, no infections (hides behind office servers, full commercial McAffe, Sonic firewall appliance and fully scanned today).

Any ideas? Oh, and a way forward please!

  Lionheart ? 21:03 03 Feb 2004

I have that update, if you wish I could email it to you, are you BB as it is 2.95mb.

Just click on the yellow envelope next to my name.

  TommyRed 21:09 03 Feb 2004

There was a thread about this in the past week I think, try and see if you can locate it with a search, I remember the 1% to 2% being mentioned. HTH TR

  Gemma 22:30 03 Feb 2004

Thanks TommyRed (the search on this site is grim) and Lionhart ?. I want to get the beast up and running from down and out.

I'll check in again tomorrow.

  Stuartli 08:47 04 Feb 2004

The update was only issued two days ago so it's unlikely there was a thread on it about a week ago...:-)

I think there may be some confusion with a earlier update that didn't, apparently, work and this is the corrected version - it's something that Microsoft does on occasions when a "cure" only makes the problem worse.

The particular update is 2.77MB and I downloaded it (on dialup) without any problems using FreshDownload 6.50.

Actual synopsis from Microsoft is:

"This update applies to Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (SP1) with the following operating systems:

Windows XP SP1
Windows XP
Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me)
Windows 2000 SP2
Windows 2000 SP3
Windows 2000 SP4
Windows 98 SE
Windows 98
Windows NT® 4.0 SP6A"

The link is as given in my thread posting.

  rawprawn 10:30 04 Feb 2004

Thanks for letting us know, no prblem from my point of view.

  Gemma 10:47 04 Feb 2004

After having a poke about this morning with some diagnostic tools, I decided to see what happens if it was just left to run. The "windows is updating....." ran for 45 minutes and produced the "Windows could not upgrade the file %1 from %2 %1: %2" message about 15 times (they rolled off the screen). It then said something along the lines of "upgrade failed, if the system does not work run Setup, hit any key to continue". I did and, so far, it is back to where it was.
My C-A-D last night when it appeared to be dead was a mistake as obviously no disk activity is not the same as hung!
Moral? Be patient.

  Proxy Worm 17:26 05 Feb 2004


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