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  Rich509a 19:39 31 May 2007

Ladies and Gents,

Has anyone got a clue what is wrong with my IE. When i try and open certain sites, IE just closes for no apparent reason. I have run all scans with AVG and SpyDoctor etc all to no avail.

I have adjusted my security levels to nil but still nothing. I have reinstalled IE plus tried Firefox. Even this closes down!

Has any got any clues what is wrong. And no! it's nothing to do with porn. I am trying to acces Ford's site at present with no luck.

Any ideas?
Cheers in advance.

  TonyV 20:01 31 May 2007

I've just tried "click here" which opened fine so it doesn't appear to be a problem with their site. Beyond that, I can't help!


  Rich509a 20:05 31 May 2007

Cheers Tony. I can get onto their site ok. It's when i try and get onto the "configurator" part. I know the site is fine because I've had a friend try. It's definitely me!

  TonyV 20:23 31 May 2007

Some times when these sort of things happen it can be Java that wants to be running. Or sometimes there is a "highlighted" message that comes up below the Heading of IE and above the main Browser window which asks you to install an ActiveX element. I see you have reduced your Privacy settings to zero, so, again it can't be that that is the cause of the problem. Maybe someone else will come on with better knowledge than I have of IE!


  brundle 20:27 31 May 2007

Update Flash (close IE to do this) ; click here

Make sure you are running the latest version of Java - click here

  TonyV 20:28 31 May 2007

Incidentally, I have also just tried their Configurator and certainly Java was loading. So I would check along that route and make sure Java is set to run on your machine.


  Technotiger 20:29 31 May 2007
  Technotiger 20:33 31 May 2007

Hi, following on from my link .. this could be as a result of 'tired' hardware, perhaps on the verge of a breakdown. Could be a CPU overheating problem, or a dying PSU. Could even just be dust and fluff inside pc with dirty fan blades or fans not running at proper speed.

  Rich509a 20:38 31 May 2007


Thanks for all of your ideas. It was the java and flash updates that sorted it out.

Now off to buy a car!!



  Technotiger 20:41 31 May 2007

OK - thanks for the feedback: buy me one too while you are there :-))

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