BLUELEN 14:21 18 Nov 2007

My daughter can't connect to the site click here. It has never been a problem before. She emailed the company and they said they had done some maintenance to the site and to check our browser settings.As we have no problem with any other sites on the net we visit what should I be checking and possibly altering. Any help would be appreciated as she's starting to have withdrawal symtoms!! Thanks

  Technotiger 14:28 18 Nov 2007

Hi, could possibly be your Firewall blocking the site, so check the firewall settings to allow the site access.

Or, perhaps your browsers Security settings need to be re-set.

  mfletch 14:39 18 Nov 2007

Hi, Try deleting your temp Internet files to see if that helps,


  BLUELEN 14:44 18 Nov 2007

I am only using windows firewall on xp pro sp2 at present and is on custom level. Can't see what I can change to get access to site. Also ie setings are at custom level again nothing obvious to me to change. Any guidance please?

  Technotiger 15:01 18 Nov 2007

In the Windows Firewall settings (Start>Control Panel) you could add the URL of the Site in question to the Exceptions list, click on the Exceptions tab.

in IE you could put Security settings at Default.

  birdface 15:04 18 Nov 2007

Try ,Internet Options.privacy. Sites.Type the address of the website in there and press allow.See if that helps.

  BLUELEN 15:11 18 Nov 2007

The exceptions list in the firewall only appears to have programmes to choose from to add. Can't see how I add the URL or am I missing something again?

  birdface 15:24 18 Nov 2007

If using IE7 try the web address that she is looking for and if it does not show.Click View.Web page privacy policy.If it is dissabled on there click on it to highlight it.Summary,And at the bottom left.Just dot always allow this site to use cookies.I don't know if it will work with an address that does not show.But worth a try.Make sure nothing else is open only the browser.

  BLUELEN 15:30 18 Nov 2007

Browser is IE6. Have put site in the trusted zone and in the privacy tab but still cant connect, Is it more likely now to be a firewall problem?

  Technotiger 15:54 18 Nov 2007

In Windows Firewall go to Advanced tab, then you can add the sites url.

  birdface 16:09 18 Nov 2007

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