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  sloan_5 16:18 07 Jun 2007

I'm running IE 6.0, Windows XP Pro Service pack 2 and have been basically satisfied with it, but in recent weeks I have been unable to upgrade with any security patches, attempt to go to Windows Update results in the computer hanging with the processor revving at 100 percent and Outlook and the IE Browser next to useless.

Can't even restart through Windows, I've had to pull the battery out of my laptop and stop the spin that way.

Suggestions? I wasn't particularly interested in upgrading the browser to IE 7 but might that help??



  birdface 16:24 07 Jun 2007

Last couple of weeks I dont think that there has been any windows up-dates.I you have your computer set for automatic up-dates ,cancell it,Reboot computer and try and do it manually.This will stop microsoft looking for up-dates that are not there,worth a try,

  Jackcoms 16:24 07 Jun 2007

"I wasn't particularly interested in upgrading the browser to IE 7 but might that help??"

I doubt it. I haven't 'upgraded' to IE7 because I don't like the look or feel of it.

I'm still happily using IE6 and getting all Windows updates.

  Miros 16:39 07 Jun 2007

According to my update history there have be windows updates on the 1st. and 6th. June, also 13th. 16th. 18th. 22nd. 23rd. 25th. and 30th May.

Couldn't be bothered going back further, these were all automatic downloads, I have Windows XP Pro service pack 2 and IE7 which I find fine now I'm used to it.

  sloan_5 17:09 07 Jun 2007

Well, I gave it one last shot, and shut Outlook BEFORE visiting Windows

14 major updates available including (surprise!) IE7. I guess I'll install it, I've got it at work now, and there's merit in consistency...

cheers all


  Stuartli 17:14 07 Jun 2007

WindowsUpdates are normally issued on the second Tuesday of each month and the next are due (if there are any made available) on June 12th.

Details are normally made known at this link:

click here

  birdface 17:59 07 Jun 2007

Hi,If you are thinking of downloading IE7,if you turn your Firewall off and then download it,it may save you some problems afterwards.

  birdface 18:08 07 Jun 2007

Hi,I use XP Home Edition.Last update was 25th of May.I suppose it vary's to what system that you are running.

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