IE alternative?

  cracker23 21:33 03 Apr 2003

Can anyone recomend an alternative to Internet Explorer that doesn't take up so much memory usage? 37,720k is a bit excessive (or is it supposed to be that much??) Would appreciate any views you all might have.Thank you

  Soy (AKA tran1) 21:38 03 Apr 2003

Opera Browser is a good choice. Have been using it since.

  Soy (AKA tran1) 21:38 03 Apr 2003

Opera Browser is a good choice. Have been using it since. click here

  Wrinkles 22:15 03 Apr 2003

Yep agree there and an added advantage is there is a setting you can invoke that will make opera lie and identify itself as IE or Netscape if you want it to.

  Bacon & Eggs 22:25 03 Apr 2003

Another vote for Opera here. Some pages do come up slightly differently however, but it has built-in anti-pop-up stuff and built-in searching kit for various engines that I find quite useful.

I think the other option is called Mozilla; either Netscape was based on it or vice versa...

  Belatucadrus 22:31 03 Apr 2003

click here for a page full of options of all sizes, some based around IE others not, plenty to choose from. click here for IEradicator.

  cracker23 10:03 04 Apr 2003

Cheers guys.Opera it is then.Well,I'll give it a try anyway.Thanks again

  suzie005 10:40 04 Apr 2003

opera is brilliant check it out.mozilla ok and better than IE but not so easy to use and nowhere as many skins-and i found it more difficult to download them than in opera

  suzie005 10:42 04 Apr 2003

oh yeah and there is the option to stop pop ups,a dictionary,a translator and god knows wot else

  cracker23 10:43 04 Apr 2003

Hi suzie,downloading as we speak!!

  Pesala 12:17 04 Apr 2003

Since the thread is ticked as resolved I am sending you a private message.

Internet Eradicator is potentially dangerous. Steer well clear of it.

Opera is excellent, and has built-in email too, but you will sometimes need to resort to IE. Just set up Opera as your default browser, and use IE whenever you get problems with a site. I find that IE is better for posting messages on MSN message boards.

The forum at is very helpful. Even more active than this one, but dedicated to browsing issues.

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