I.E against FireFox again

  steve263000 17:44 14 Feb 2006

I know that I have used this subject before, but once again the two main browsers have me baffled. I have uploaded my site after making a lot of changes, and when I view it in my favourite, Firefox, all is well.(well nearly) For some reason the photos that I have put on the index page refuse to show. I have used a function in front page that should swap the photos on mouse over. I have used it before, but this time nothing.

Anyway, back to the subject. When viewed in I.E. all the pictures that I have put in cannot be seen. All there is, is 'red X's'. All the photos come from the image file, and the biggest part have been used before anyway. Even some word files that have been saved as web pages, and have scanned documents on do not show up. And they are really small files, of about 50 to 70kb each.

I am getting a message from my server that the amount of space that I have is nearly full, so could that be anything to do with it?

If necessary I will delete some of the site to reduce the file size but I would rather not. I use NTLworld as a host, and the site address is click here

  mco 23:02 14 Feb 2006

both times when I have done 'click here' - first at ten to 6 then just now at eleven pm I've got page not found..?

  steve263000 04:49 15 Feb 2006

Thanks for the info John, but what would cause that? I can see what you mean, but as I have said they all come from the image file. I have different folders for different photos, i.e. family, west wales, orlando etc. I have aways understood that FP could grab the photos from anywhere on the computer and save them to the web page.

  Eric10 14:32 15 Feb 2006

The %20 is the code that replaces a space in a filename on the web so it's best to do as 'forum member' suggests and not use spaces in filenames that are for web use. That means your pages as well as your pictures. Many people, myself included, use the underscore in place of a space and also settle on a naming convention such as always using lowercase, as he has suggested, because HTML on the web is case sensitive. Your PC will ignore such inconsistencies but the web will not.

I notice that your date stamp is showing yesterday's date which I assume is when you put your site into your webspace. This would indicate that your provider doesn't support Frontpage Extensions so could also help to explain why your Frontpage picture changer isn't working. You say that you have used it before but have you used it with your current provider?

  steve263000 06:55 16 Feb 2006

Thank you all for your help, and as for the photos, the message has got through, and I will sort that out when time allows. As for the picture swap on the index page, I have used the same thing with two different pictures, and I have not changed providers ever. Still that is not as important as the next.

The pages that follow on from the link, 'burns family history' have been researched by a uncle and aunt over years, and I have offered to put then online for them. I basicaly have taken the Word pages that they sent on a CD rom, then saved each page as a web page. All with lowercase letters and underscores where necessary. Once again they view well in FF but the pictures, which were part of the documents and not entered seperately, do not show in IE. Could anybody explain that? Did I save them incorrectly? That is now the most importany thing now, as the rest is fixable with time.

  Eric10 10:11 16 Feb 2006

I've checked your site in IE6, Firefox and Opera and the pictures don't appear in any of them.

More importantly, I've just managed to get onto your site at your ntl address and I can tell you that the photo 'Mum and Dad.jpg' isn't on your site so you haven't uploaded it. Similarly it would appear that your picture swap on the first page should change two pictures (steve 2016 and steve 2056) neither of which have been uploaded.

  steve263000 04:22 17 Feb 2006

Thanks to those that have replied. I will sort the photos of mine when time permits, and due to personal circumstances, that will be a while yet. The word files were saved as web pages from FP. I saved all the files in a file in FP then opened them and then saved as web pages. John, I now see what you mean by the fact that the file names might have had spaces when they were scanned in originally. That will also have to be looked at next. I will close this as resolved now, but please feel free to comment if you wish.

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