IE 9 Beta tab problems!

  Pine Man 14:07 15 Dec 2010

If I open a link in PCA by left clicking on it I get a new window. Not a new tab.

I have set the internet options/tab settings as follows:- Open links from other program in 'A new tab in the current window' but I still get a new window on top of the existing window.

Am I doing something wrong it doesn't work that way in Firefox? I can force IE9 to open in a new tab by right clicking and selecting 'Open in a new tab'.

  rawprawn 14:49 15 Dec 2010

Don't left click, click on your centre button (or wheel) on your mouse. That will open a new Tab

  Pine Man 15:17 15 Dec 2010

That works but surely you shouldn't have to do that. It's certainly not necessary in IE8.

Anyway thanks fot the advice I'll have to remember to push my wheel in future.

Happy Christmas!

  rawprawn 15:26 15 Dec 2010

As far as I know that is the only way, I know that it wasn't needed in IE8 but it also works for Firefox

  Pine Man 15:31 15 Dec 2010

Just found out that if you treat a link as a 'pop up' in internet options and instruct it to open in a new tab it works ok with a left click!!

  Pine Man 15:36 15 Dec 2010


I tried your method in Firefox. If I left click on a link it opens in a new tab. If I click the wheel on a link the new tab is created but not opened until I click on the tab.


  rawprawn 15:41 15 Dec 2010
  Pine Man 15:45 15 Dec 2010

Lots of good stuff there. Many thanks.

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