IE 8 Problems

  rawprawn 17:17 03 Apr 2009

I have again downloaded and installed IE8. Again I am getting the occasional "IE Has a problem and must close" (Although it didn't actually close)
It is a bit slower than IE7 can anyone offer advice, I will try to give it more chance this time before reverting back to IE7.

  mooly 17:26 03 Apr 2009

Hi rawprawn... you remember all my adventures.
At least you installed it OK. Definitely sticking with IE7 for the forseeable. When I did finally get 8 installed I didn't like it, and I did try !... it caused to many problems on certain sites, and worse for me... it strangely interfered with font sizes on Yahoo mail, such that they were locked. Kept having to close and reopen it.

  rawprawn 17:36 03 Apr 2009

Hi mooly, thank you for your reply, I had no trouble installing, but I turned all security programs off during installation. I feel that I need to "get this right" at the moment I am not doing too badly, but I am open to any tips that PCA users may have.
I feel that although there are questions this is the way we are going (like it or not) so I want to try and learn how to control IE8 the way I want it to work for me.

  mooly 17:50 03 Apr 2009

I know how you feel... I really wanted it to work too, but to many sites would not display properly even in compatability mode. Text to small on some and not others and so on.
I will be interested to know how you get on !

  rawprawn 18:05 03 Apr 2009

All my text sizes seem OK, although it is as yet early days and it hasn't crashed again.
I need time to evaluate what I have got.

  birdface 18:26 03 Apr 2009

Have you ticked compatibility view under is needed with PCA. [occasional "IE Has a problem and must close" (Although it didn't actually close)I used to get it on IE7 and still get it on here.But it does not close,

Let me know how you get on when on PCA.When I type anything then have to search for any tool to copy and paste ,what I have typed has been removed when I get back.
Otherwise no problems.

  birdface 18:29 03 Apr 2009

I find it slightly quicker than IE7 and better than Firefox.

  rawprawn 18:50 03 Apr 2009

Hi buteman, yes I have it working in compatibility mode.I don't seem to have a problem with copy & paste even if I open a new tab and come back to PCA.
I find it difficult to determine whether it is faster/slower than either Firefox or IE7. It seems to me about the same.
(My normal connection download speed averages about 6.5mb) if you are slower than that it may well show a difference

  birdface 18:59 03 Apr 2009

Only on 2mb here and find a big improvement.Ive tried everything to sort the PCA problem out.Tried stopping my security programs 1 at a time including the Firewall but no difference.But Since IE8 is working so well its a small price to pay.I will keep plugging away at it until I get it fixed.I don't have the problem on Firefox.
Mind you I am with Virginmedia and we are getting a free upgrade to 10mb next month so that will be something to look forward to.

Best of luck I hope that you get it sorted.

  rawprawn 19:03 03 Apr 2009

Thanks buteman, No trouble with PCA & all seems OK just now so I will give it a fair try over the next week.

  rawprawn 19:20 03 Apr 2009

Is there a way to get the last session to open automatically when IE8 is opened as in IE7? Instead of having to click tools/reopen last browsing session

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