IE 8 Problem ?

  Petesilver 20:17 22 Nov 2010

can any one advise me what might be wrong with my IE8 32bit it has got extremely slow and just stops working sometime and I have to use task manager to kill it.
I can't think what I may have done for this to happen,and there seems nowhere you can run a repair

I do have IE8 64bit and this seems to work ok i don't use it because i have some progs that only work on 32bit.

Windows 7 64 bit and have plenty of ram (8gb)

  Sea Urchin 20:27 22 Nov 2010

Maybe some help here

click here

  c4rm0 20:29 22 Nov 2010

Have you tried clearing all the Cache ? cookies , temp internet files ? checked for any corrupt Add in's like toolbars

Also you can reinstall IE8

Go to Control Panel\Programs and Features\Turn Windows features on or off. Uncheck Internet Explorer 8, click OK and reboot. You will not have Internet Explorer installed then. Go to Windows features again and check Internet Explorer 8, reboot. Now you will have Internet Explorer installed again.

  Petesilver 21:21 22 Nov 2010

I have uninstalled and reinstalled disabled all the add ons but it still hangs every time and I have to kill it off.
strabgly the page might load but it just hangs and no links work it just frozen...... checked the 64 bit explorer and that still works ok..I have also uninstalled other peoples toolbars

  birdface 21:34 22 Nov 2010

Have you tried using a different browser.Firefox maybe just to see if your computer works ok with that.
Have you tried Internet Options.programs and made sure Internet explorer is the default web browser.
Try disabling all of your add-ons and see if it works ok.
If so enable them again one at a time to see if you can find the one causing the problems.
Have you ran all of your security programs.
malwarebytes free is a good one to try.

  Petesilver 21:44 22 Nov 2010

I have tried disabling all add ons but it was still the same.
I also use Chrome and that works no bother( I know i should stick with it)
I have run it without AV and antispy but it was still the same.
Think I might try firefox but would like to sort this out somehow, Like I said the 64 bit version of ie8 works ok ...strange

  birdface 21:48 22 Nov 2010

You have already tried the Add-ons sorry I never noticed.
maybe try the Fix it on this.

click here

Now this is one that I have to do when using I/e as mine runs slow as well but not as slow as yours.

Internet Options.Security.Click on custom level and scroll down to Active Scripting and disable it.Ok.apply Ok or whatever it is.
Now that usually lets me open my pages a lot quicker you can always reverse the change if it makes no difference.

  birdface 22:01 22 Nov 2010

If you are happy with chrome stick with that.
I just got fed up with I/E running slow i moved to Firefox and what a difference.
Like you I prefer I/E but not the way it is at the moment.
You could also look at connections. lan settings and tick automatically detect settings.
While in there make sure there is nothing on proxy settings underneath.
Usually a nastie if there is and you never put it there.
Last one to try is to go to Command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns then press enter on the keyboard.
It should tell you DNS cache has been flushed if so reboot and see if it makes any difference.

  Petesilver 18:04 23 Nov 2010

Hello butemanI looked at connections and it did look a bit strange to me.
auto detect was blank
use auto config script was ticked and the address in the box was click here
I have recently installed some kodak software for my digital camera, however I changed this around but it is still the same.

I did also disable active scripting and yes it worked but I found I need it active for other programs I have so had to change it back

  birdface 18:16 23 Nov 2010

Your click here will not open for me in Firefox.
Just tried with I/E and it will not open on there either.

  birdface 18:20 23 Nov 2010

Not sure what is the matter with I/E just now a few of us are getting script errors which slows I/E down and others do not get the same problem.
Not using Virginmedia are you.
Just wondering if it is an ISP problem.

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