IE 7 closes when I try to download PDF files!

  DIYgirl 10:44 21 Aug 2006

I'm running Win XP, and have updated to IE 7 (having had all sorts of trouble with IE 6). I also updated to (I think) Adobe v7. It all seems to mostly work OK but when I run a search (on Google, haven't tried other search engines) and some of the links found are PDF files, if I ever try to open one of those links I get an error message which informs me that IE has to close. I get asked if I want to send an error report or not (I usually do). And all IE windows which I have open will then close.

I don't want to roll back to before I did these updates as they resolved other problems which I was having. I'd like to be able to fix this and stay where I am.

This is immensely frustrating, and it's stopping me working properly. Can anyone advise me how to resolve this problem?

  DIYgirl 09:27 24 Aug 2006


  al224 09:53 24 Aug 2006

not sure anbout any cures

but if you want to open a file enter name of the file in google and when find it click open as word document.

  al224 09:54 24 Aug 2006

p.s i wouldnt use ie7. Microsoft havent updated it enough for it to work properly yet. i rolled back to ie6.

  €dstowe 10:05 24 Aug 2006

As you have had problems with two versions of IE, perhaps it isn't the browser for you. Why not try one of the others?

  al224 10:06 24 Aug 2006

try mozilla firefox

wait... just getting link

  al224 10:07 24 Aug 2006

click here

try this. it comes with google toolbar

  UncleP 12:45 24 Aug 2006

You say that you up-dated to Adobe v7; am I correct in assuming (since you have a problem with pdf files) that you mean Acrobat Reader v7?

If so, did you uninstall the earlier version before up-dating? Failure to do this appears to cause a variety of problems, and might be the reason for your difficulties.

  DIYgirl 10:15 26 Aug 2006

Thanks for posting and sorry to have taken a while to get back to any of you--I've not had access to my computer since you posted.

al224, I can't use Mozilla Firefox as I'm on dial-up and it would take several years to download. Can't get broadband where I live.

UncleP, The thing I updated was Adobe Reader v7. I have Acrobat Reader v5 installed too.

Should I uninstall Adobe and reinstall it? Uninstall them both then reinstall just one? What would be best?

  UncleP 13:01 26 Aug 2006

Yes, in principle you should uninstall in reverse order to clean them both out, and then re-install the later version (7.0.8). There was a thread on one of the forums recently which gave the detailed procedure, I'll try to find the reference (unless someone else has it to hand).

There is an entry 'Detect and Repair' in the Help menu for v7 which is worth trying first - it's simple and quick - but I don't have a list of the corrections it can make. Shouldn't do any harm, though.

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