IE 6 OR IE 7,???

  scolley 18:25 01 Jul 2007

Hi All just bought my daughter a PC from a friends sister, and am just in the process of tidying it up, such as down loading AVG, and the like getting rid of their old files, etc, its being served by microsoft Internet Explorer, at the moment, but shuld i change it to IE 6 OR IE 7, AM AT THE MOMENT LOOKING ON VIRGIN PAGE AND AM WAITING TO SEE WHICH ONE TO CLICK ON, which would most of you do, or shwould you stay,

  postie24 18:31 01 Jul 2007

Go with IE 7,more safety features and tab browsing is very handy.

  scolley 18:34 01 Jul 2007

postie24 if i go with this will i still keep everything else i have on the screen, such as virgin as my home page google yahoo etc,

  postie24 18:39 01 Jul 2007

It gives you the option of keeping the same homepage,When its installed you can change the toolbars as you like.Click tools/toolbars

  anskyber 18:43 01 Jul 2007

Yes you will, there is a but. When IE7 came out the Microsoft release notes warned that "old" tool bars like Google ( not picking on Google in particular) could have functionality problems, sorry read it as may not work with IE7.

IE7 has significant security and other advantages over IE6 (as does Firefox by the way). I always suggest that it's best to uninstall the add ons like Google tool bar then install IE&. after you can go to the Google site and get the latest IE7 compliant version. IE7 is very good and I recommend it. You could also try instead Firefox.

  [email protected] 18:44 01 Jul 2007

Elbow IE and go with Firefox.

  Mac70 18:49 01 Jul 2007

I must be in the minority. No problems with IE7 whatsoever.I have the Google toolbar too. Phishing filter slows it down a little though. For speed I use Opera on my Linux pc.

  scolley 18:50 01 Jul 2007

so what ever i go with IE 7 or fire fox, its best to uninstall google and yahoo first will i still keep the emails addresses i have made for her as i want to get this lot sorted before i send it to her in wales,

  postie24 18:54 01 Jul 2007

Yes you will keep the email addresses,theres no need to uninstall yahoo and google.

  scolley 18:59 01 Jul 2007

ok thanks postie mac70 anskyber devils @adocate for your im put, am of to change it now then to see what happenes, i then have to solve the live messenger phew, my hed is spining, better not have a larger yet, hahahah

  scolley 19:08 01 Jul 2007

tried geting it but nowt happened whats best way to get it put it in google then down load or which, ?

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