IE 6 Installation on Win98SE

  BBM 09:25 20 May 2003

I have been trying to upgrade a NEC PC 1GB processor and 256Mb RAM with Windows 98SE to IE 6.

However everytime it gets to the Media Player the installation stalls and stops completey, I have even left it over night only to find it has got no further.

So I have had no choice but to cancel the install at this point, the system warned me that this could cause problems, but what choise did I have?

I have even tried re-installing using the Advanced Customisation leaving the Media Player out, as it is not used very much on this machine. IE has finished it's install and got to the point where I was asked to re-start the system, however once again it stalled on updating the system settings.

Everything seams to be stable apart from one thing, after browsing the internet for about 5 minutes, IE goes to 'Not responding' and freezes the whole system and it has to be re-booted manually.

Has anyone any ideas as to what I can do? Is it possible to un-install IE6? I do not want to re-format and start from scratch if I can help it.

Could McAfee Anti-Virus have anything to with it? Although I did come out of the program to install, I do know it can cause installtion problems.

The system also has Office 2000 installed and is used for allot of digital imaging.

  MartinT-B 09:31 20 May 2003

Yes you should be able to un-install IE6. The windows installer should have 'saved your previous configuration'. at least it did with me.

Once un-installed try to CUSTOM re-install and choose which bits you want and which bits you don't.

I, for example, have ZERO interest in MS Messenger, and am pretty happy with the Windows Media Player (version 7) that O already have on this (work) PC, so saw no reason to get them. If you are desperate for WMP9, then I suggest that you get IE6 and OE6 installed as a package, and then add WMP later.


  Cuddles 20:27 20 May 2003

Go to add remove progs and click on IE6, this will give you option's one of which will be removing and reverting to previous installation.

  Stuartli 21:36 20 May 2003

Your advice is correct but it needs a double click.

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