IE 6 homepage settings problem

  urban gorilla 22:02 06 Aug 2007

Hi, for some reason i've lost the function to change homepage on IE 6. going to internet options and in the General tab the homepage part is all greyed out so i cant input another url and all the tabs below the box are greyed out to. Can anyone advise what i need to do to rectify this problem? Thanks.

  skidzy 22:18 06 Aug 2007

This could be from almost anything !

Try a repair click here

Though some programs protect the change of the homepage.

What apps do you have installed,such as Spybot SD/Winpatrol etc

  urban gorilla 22:39 06 Aug 2007

Skidzy, Thanks for the link. I don't have spybot but have Adaware se, AVG and zonealarm.

My daughter downloaded the MS messenger and it hijacked the homepage. The url currently showing in internet option, general tab, hompage: click here but it's all greyed out and the 3 tabs below the url box are greyed out too so i can't change back to my original homepage setting. In internet options, programs i clicked on the reset web settings tab and now when i open ie6 i get a blank page with a
" Need to send 'PRD' in query string " message on it.
I will try the ie fix and see if that helps.
thanks again.

  skidzy 22:43 06 Aug 2007

Did she download MessengerPlus

Check in add and remove programs and remove if its there..

Messengerplus has a sponsor loaded with spyware/adware if this is not unticked upon install,this could be the cause.

I suggest you run Superantispyware click here
and look here for some more apps and advice click here

  urban gorilla 22:49 06 Aug 2007

Help, i'm stumped already. I forgot to mention i have w98.
webpage for IEfix states: Requires Microsoft VB6 runtimes for Windows 98/ME systems. i ckicked on link for the VB6 and it took me to the MS Download centre..and it states: Instructions -
Before starting the download, create a download directory on your computer.........errrrm how do i do that?

  skidzy 22:57 06 Aug 2007

You need to point the download to somewhere.Create a folder on your desktop and point the download to that.
Im not 100% that will work,if woodchip is about he can enlighten you a bit more.What he does not know about 98 isnt worth knowing.

Sorry didnt realise you where on 98,i assumed xp.

  urban gorilla 23:08 06 Aug 2007

Skidzy, It was my fault for mentioning it earlier. you've been a great help already :)
I've started a scan with the superspyware..just waiting to see what it finds.
I had already uninstalled MS messenger as the pop ups were annoying and what it had done to the homepage but i don't if it was Messengerplus. How can MS do this to their own software?

  skidzy 23:17 06 Aug 2007

it may well not be messenger plus,you might have spyware/malware on the system.

has your daughter accepted any files from friends using msn ?

Lots of possibilities !!

Also run click here

click here

if problems still arise:

Run HJT hijack this click here make sure its version 1.99 you download.
And post the scan log click here the experts will advise you accordingly.

Do NOT tinker with the results of the HJT log,HJT is very powerful and one mistake could result in the computer failing to respond totally.

  urban gorilla 23:28 06 Aug 2007

I don't know what she's downloaded as there have been no other problems apart from the hompage issue. the superspyware is still scanning so i'll wait for it to finish and then try HJT..thanks for the links.

  skidzy 23:33 06 Aug 2007

Im off UG but will look in tomorrow.All the best.

  Stuartli 23:38 06 Aug 2007

The key point when selecting your home page is to have the actual home page you require on screen and then select Use Current Page (don't forget to Apply and OK).

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