** IDX Files IN Documents And Settings **

  ThisNameIsMine 12:06 06 Apr 2003

I was wondering if anyone knew why there are 1288 "*.idx" files in my Documents And Settings Folder. They are taking up nearly 50Mb so can I delete them?

  howard60 13:56 06 Apr 2003

try moving them to another folder and see if there are any ill effects or rename them changing the extension.

  Big Elf 14:02 06 Apr 2003

Just found this:

OE Mail uses a standard database technique. Each "folder" actually consists of two files. The *.MBX file is the main data store. All your messages are in there, along with other information, encoded in binary characters. The other file is an *.IDX file, which is an index to the *.MBX file. OE reads the *.IDX files to learn how to display the stuff in the MBX file.

from click here

  ThisNameIsMine 14:22 06 Apr 2003

Thanks Big Elf, but I dont use Outlook Express. I use Outlook 2002, does that have the same effect?

  Big Elf 14:29 06 Apr 2003

I don't think so as I use Outlook 2000 and there are no IDX files on my system.

  ThisNameIsMine 14:32 06 Apr 2003

I tried howard60's tip and it seems to be working ok now. Thanks Big Elf.

  Big Elf 14:35 06 Apr 2003

Just had a thought. Look up the file type in folder options and see what IDX is associated with. It might give a clue.

  ThisNameIsMine 14:40 06 Apr 2003

It isnt associated with anything (It isn't there). Anyway guys, thanks for ur help, I have moved them and restarted the system and all seems to be fine. I will run the system for 2 weeks to see if there are any ill effects then I will delete them

  ThisNameIsMine 19:46 07 Apr 2003

It was actually Nero saving its CD databases there. I have turned of CD saving and its ok now. Thanks Julian (PC Advisor Helpline Good Bloke)

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