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  al's left peg 16:29 05 Jul 2009

Hi guys,

my wife has a Acer 4315 laptop which is running pretty slow and has developed a fault a while back where the screen goes blank. A guy in a local pc shop recommended to reset it to factory settings but I don't know where to start with the E recovery software that came with it.
It says to format the drive but will this not wipe the Vista operating system off as well?
Any help greatly appreciatted.

  mooly 17:16 05 Jul 2009

If you type acer into the search box (click the start orb bottom left, type into the start search box) you should find a user manual as a PDF file. That should tell you the recovery options.
A reinstall from the hidden partition put's it all back to day one as it was when new so ALL yor data and applications/programs will need reinstalling.
You can't format the drive with Vista on it... Vista won't let you, but running recovery does this automatically.

  mooly 17:25 05 Jul 2009

Forgot to say you can access erecovery from within windows or you can press (on mine anyway)ALT and F10 as you power up and the Acer splash screen displays.

  al's left peg 21:25 06 Jul 2009

Thanks for your advice mooly, will give it a try. I am a bit worried about making a mistake as it's my wife's laptop and all her college stuff is on it, so will have to back that up first.
Just another point, she has MS Office installed which came with a 3 user licience. If that is formatted off in a reinstall type operation, does that count as one of the licience's lost?

  DieSse 22:19 06 Jul 2009

"If that is formatted off in a reinstall type operation, does that count as one of the licience's lost?"

There is no reason for that to be so. An installation on one system is still an installation on one system - no matter how many times you reinstall it. Even MS know (better than most I would imagine) that software needs to be re-installed from time to time.

  mooly 07:02 07 Jul 2009

Just back up personal stuff to USB drives or SD cards.
Do you know how to do that easily ?

  Covergirl 12:37 07 Jul 2009

. . . this forum for Acer - that's how I found my previous thread (although it was under Samsung !)

Here you go - it's quite simple so don't be scared, just go for it.

I've created "Factory Restore" discs for a friends Acer laptop and also for my own Acer desktop.

The Acer procedure is quite simple - you can create new Vista discs from the Acer eRecovery section - go into Empowering Technology, then Acer eRecovery Management then Burn Disc then Create Factory Default disc.

This burns two discs which you can boot from to reinstall (Acers version of) Vista and all gadgets and gizmos like you'd just bought the laptop/desktop.

I hope this helps

  Covergirl 12:39 07 Jul 2009

As Mooly says, make sure you get all your created documents, pictures, music etc under Users/wifesname or other users names and ensure you can "read" them on another computer if you're using CD or DVD.

  al's left peg 22:28 07 Jul 2009

Thanks a lot guys I will give it a go at the weekend when I have plenty of time. I only have this laptop so will be well and truly snookered if it goes wrong.
I will tick resolved but will let you know how I get on.
Once again thanks a lot for your advice.

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