Idiots guide to duel boot please?

  shortcircuit 21:16 16 Jan 2004

Hi all

I have built a pc for a friend.He needs to have 98 and xp on it. It is for a boat and needs to run his Dos based navigation charts which will not run on Xp.
Spec is
512 400Mhz Crucial ram
A7V8X mobo
DVD burner and Floppy.
120GIG Seagate.

I need to know how to set up a dual boot. I have read all the posts on here and searched the web for help, but it all seems a little too far advanced and leaves gaps in how to set up HHD.

So far I think I need to format HHD to Fat 32 and partition. Then install 98 on to one partition. Once done, do I then load Xp on to the other partition as a new installation?.

I can't get past the first stage. How do I get my 98 disk to partition my HHD?

Please help!!


  Kitz E Kat 21:28 16 Jan 2004

You could try this click here
and see if that helps....

If is not that hard to do ...

Boot of a 98 floppy, run FDISK ..

Create a primary partition to whatever size you want, format to FAT32 ,and make it active, then create a secondary partition and leave it as free space..

Load 98 on the primary , when done boot of the XP cd and install in the free space format to NTFS...
Install XP as a full install...

There are plenty of detailed guides on the M$ site, have a read of them and you should be ok

  ©®@$? 21:41 16 Jan 2004

but remember if you want windows 98 to see windows xp partiton,you will need both operating systems to be fat32

also if you have an operating system already installed on the computer you will first need to delete the partition that is already on it, this can be done via fdisk

then as above create a new primary partition,and choose how much hardrive space you want 98 to have (bareing in mind that you need some space left over for the xp partition)

if you want 98 and xp to share the hardrive equally then you can type in 50% for the actual size of the first partiton your creating, once that partition is can format it, by using the startup disk, and getting to the A:\ prompt and type "format c:" so it looks like

A:\format c:

this will take you through the format once finished,put the 98 cd in and set the first boot device to cd rom, this can be done in the bios, to get into the bios, you normally press del when the computer starts up.

then boot off the 98 cd, install it, once installed

then boot off the xp cd,and install to the unallocated space..this will create a partition and format it, xp will normally choose ntfs..then your on the way to installing xp aswell and have a dualboot at the end of it

if you want both partitions to be fat32 then you will have to create the second partiton through fdisk before you install xp

i bet your more confused now that you were before


  ©®@$? 21:49 16 Jan 2004

this is what you will see when you goto create a partition with fdisk click here

it also explains how to remove an existing partition or create a new one, best bet is to follow what is said there,and there are screenshots of what you will encounter

another useful guide click here you can follow the instructions there as there are a few ways to dualboot, that guide refers to windows 2000 but in respect betend it is xp,as it is the same princible

  shortcircuit 22:06 16 Jan 2004

Amazing help!


I will give feed back on idiots guide rating!!

  shortcircuit 09:18 24 Jan 2004

Thanks all for your help. I managed it in the end and now all ok.
This is how I did it.

I had a clean 120gig WDig HHD.
I booted with Fdisk and partitioned the drive with 80/20 split and formatted it to Fat32. Once completed, I booted to 98 disk( remember to set in bios that cd boots first) and installed 98 on to small partition. All went well and 98 loaded fine. When you start 98 for first time, you will see the two partitions and that 98 only uses 450mb of space!! Remove 98 disk .
Then stick your xp disk and boot up . Tell xp that you want new install, not upgrade, and select large partition to load system on to. Ignor all warnings of doom and gloom.Format in NTFS and load Xp. When finished, remove disk and set BIOS to boot from HD first as default. (Some people like FFD as first, but I think its days as No1 are over.) When you reboot , you will be asked to pick what o/s you want to load(xp will always be default) When in xp, go to My computer and view HHD. You will see both partitions with XP carrying 2.0Gig of O/S!!!! XP can see NTFS and FAT32, thats why you see both partitions in xp but 98 can only see Fat32, thats why you will only see 98 partition in 98 o/s and no NTFS.

All went well. Took about 2 hrs to do and seems very stable.

Thanks all.

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