idiot help needed please

  datcat 15:33 06 Feb 2006

Right Im just about to throw my pc out the window.
I have a Advent t1900 base with windows xp installed on it and Im getting really hacked off because when I install aol 9 on,it works for a bit then the bsod happens.

Ive downloaded all the upto date drivers,patches ect,but still it keeps crashing.Ive done everything I can think of to fix this but Ive run out of things to do!Ive got the exact same set up on my laptop and its working like a treat.
PC world say its software issues and aol say its hardware. I say its getting a hammer.

Any help would be most gratefully receved

  john-232317 15:46 06 Feb 2006

Eeeeerm, I just googled "bsod on AOL" and it turned up 60,900 links. Do you really need AOL ?

  datcat 15:50 06 Feb 2006

bsod=blue screen of doom/death whichever you like really lol.Ive been on aol for 5 years and never had any problems which makes it sooooo annoying now

  stlucia 16:21 06 Feb 2006

Is bsod while you're in AOL and online only, or with other applications? Can you re-boot after bsod?

I had problems with AOL BB modem drivers recently, but that caused connection problems for me, not bsod.

Have you done full anti-virus etc. scans? Have you got SP2 installed? I remember one of the recent AOL automatic upgrades was something to do with an SP2 bug.

  datcat 16:44 06 Feb 2006

Always when Im using aol.
When the bsod happens I have to turn the pc off and restart it to rebot.
As soon as i got it back from pc world(health check)I had to reinstall everything as they did a total restore because the thing had viruses.(yep I did have anti virus and firewalls installed before you ask)
Its just been an ongoing problem since we've ahd it

  stlucia 19:56 06 Feb 2006

I don't know how thorough PC World's health check is but, assuming they're correct about the PC being okay, did they check you modem as well? Is it connected through a USB hub, and did they check that? If it's a hub, is it a powered one? (Modems generally require more current than an un-powered hub can deliver.)

  Graham ® 20:01 06 Feb 2006

This has all the signs of a USB power problem. The modem should be on a port on its own.

  muscic lover 20:28 06 Feb 2006

lose AOL, it caused me nothing but trouble... reformat the hard drive and kill off AOL i say, but I am no expert here!

  woodchip 20:42 06 Feb 2006

Have you tried System Restore, to before you tried AOL. From Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore.......... Restore points are in BOLD. If you have problems in XP start in Safe Mode by keep tapping F8 as computer starts at top of list

  datcat 20:50 06 Feb 2006

yep tried sytem restore.I have even restored the whole thing and started from scratch again.loading up the programmes 1 by 1 to see if I can try and isloate which 1 might be tripping the bsod and no joy so far.
Im going to keep on though,thanks for all ideas keep um coming please :0)

  woodchip 20:56 06 Feb 2006

You may have faulty Memory

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