Identifying/no cable plugged in/identifying,etc

  Chegs ®™ 02:31 11 Feb 2011

I have had a Foxconn G31MX desktop PC handed to me to sort out.It was originally running Vista 32 bit,but its owner decided to revert to XP Home.In doing so,he wiped the recovery partition for Vista & couldnt get online to install drivers for sound/LAN/Ir etc.I have succeeded in getting drivers for sound/Ir but after 8hrs hunting the net I cannot find a driver for the LAN that works.I used SIW to discover the onboard LAN port is a Realtek RTL8168/8111 device,but despite trying several "flavours" of this driver all I'm getting is constant popups saying "identifying/no cable plugged in/identifying/no cable plugged in" etc.I also changed the CAT5 cable incase that was the cause.I also tried installing win7 on a clean partition & testing drivers from Foxconn website and other websites but I'm not paying out for any of the various "Driver Updater" type of programs that Google keeps taking me to.

  MAJ 20:28 11 Feb 2011

Stick in a new PCI Ethernet card. click here

  Jollyjohn 13:16 12 Feb 2011

Next time you boot up go into the BIOS and disable the onboard lan - save changes - continue the boot up.
Then go into device manager and remove any network adapters.
Reboot - re enable onboard lan - save changes - continue boot . Found new hardware wizard should kick in. Follow prompts and point it to a driver.

Have you tried this driver click here from Foxconn - I know it is for Vista but it should work for XP.

  Chegs ®™ 14:50 12 Feb 2011

Sorry for not getting back sooner & thank you for the suggestions.

l24: Yes,I have & can see no damage.I know it was working just before the OS was swapped from Vista to XP as I transported it from the owners daughters home a few days earlier where the PC was in full working order.

MAJ: I have another PCI ethernet card (D-Link) somewhere around the house & had already considered installing it IF I failed to get the onboard LAN working.My reason for not doing so yet is the motherboard only has two PCI slots thus further restricting any additional PCI additions.

Jollyjohn: I had already done as you suggest before ultimately installing Win7 and starting over with various drivers.I also tried that Vista driver but in XP it pops up a message stating its for Vista only & the driver I'm using that throws up the "connecting/no cable" is the next one down in the list of drivers on the preceeding page to that Vista driver you provided the link to.

I'll leave the thread open a few more days & see if any other suggestions are posted & spend the time looking for/installing the D-Link card as it wouldn't be difficult to remove it if any other suggestions are forthcoming.

  onthelimit 11:42 14 Feb 2011

If you can access the web, the free version of Drivermax will check for missing/outdated drivers. You can only download 2 a day for free, but you should only need one!

  Chegs ®™ 12:17 14 Feb 2011

I can get online through my mobile phone,so will give Drivermax a go.Thank you.

  Chegs ®™ 05:18 18 Feb 2011

I wrestled with Drivermax for a couple of hours before realising it too was downloading a completely useless driver,so gave up & turned off the onboard LAN in BIOS and installed a PCI card which windows carried a generic driver that works just fine.The PC has been returned so I'll tick this as resolved & thanks again for the various suggestions.

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