Identifying shared folders

  montyburns 17:22 19 Sep 2006

I've tried on and off for ages to connect our laptop and PC via our wi-fi home network, using XP Home on both, with no joy

Had another go today and managed it at last! :-)

Thing is though, I'm a little concerned about security. There's only me and the Other Half use the machines, and we use passwords for our profiles. Machines are firewalled. Also the network is passworded.

We'll only use the sharing to send from PC to laptop to burn DVD's (no burner on PC) and from laptop to PC to print (no printer on laptop) and will delete the files after use.

However, worried that there may be folders I've tried sharing before, so need to know how to identify these so I can unshare them

Any advice on this and networks in general will be much appreciated!!

  X™ 17:26 19 Sep 2006

Go to My Network Places, and see if you can spot them there, if not, then they're not.

  montyburns 17:37 19 Sep 2006

Cheers, nice and simple, how I like it!!!

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