Identifying RAM Type

  dogbreath1 13:10 21 Oct 2006

My daughter wants to add 512MB RAM to her existing 512MB and is trying to identify the spec of the existing module.

Is it possible to do this without getting sight of it??

Google searches seem to imply not.

Help would be much appreciated.

  STREETWORK 13:12 21 Oct 2006

click here

Use the memory tool...

  GEEKSTA 13:13 21 Oct 2006

maby there could be something in "My computer >> view system information". ?

  @[email protected]!c 13:13 21 Oct 2006

if the said computer can connect to the internet go here click here
should tell you what you nedd to know... hopefully :-) kind regards akanic

  Technotiger 13:26 21 Oct 2006

Hi, I have just used STREETWORK's link and now have a printout of my own pc's memory details.

Thanks STREETWORK - also my recently installed IE7 has printed web pages in full with no pre-setup needed.


  dogbreath1 15:01 21 Oct 2006

Thanks to all. I'll start with STREETWORK's link and post back.



  dogbreath1 15:36 21 Oct 2006

Unfortunately, the scan is not reading any memory present at all and is suggesting that there's only one slot?

  ed-0 15:43 21 Oct 2006

Download cpu-z, the best for reading memory. click here

Open the spd tab and make a note of the memory. Then use the drop down box to check all dimm slots.

  ed-0 15:51 21 Oct 2006

like this click here

  dogbreath1 18:11 21 Oct 2006

Thanks for that.

This time the RAM has been recognised and identified but CPU-z still suggests that the board only has one slot.

This sounds unusual for a 2004 machine.

  ed-0 18:17 21 Oct 2006

Does it mention the make and model of the motherboard on the first page?

Did you use the drop down box on the spd page or did it not come up with anything.

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