Identifying CD writer

  Kevin-314615 12:31 07 May 2003

This is a simple tip that I saw on a newsgroup, but what a good idea!

I have trouble remembering which drive letter in My Computer applies to my DVD drive and which to my CD writer. The answer -- easy! Re-assign the drive letters to something appropriate -- eg drive w: for the writer, and v: for the DVD.

I love simple answers like that.

  OneSirKnight 13:11 07 May 2003

Good little tip for beginners,but my smarta**e little nephew asks me why do pc's use drive letters A: C: D: E: etc etc but never use B:,The only answer i could offer is that A and B are reserved for floppy drives. Is this correct or was i just blagging him,

  paddy75 17:29 07 May 2003

I Think in the early days there was a floppy drive called B.

  siouxah1 18:51 07 May 2003


You are absolutely correct.

  VoG™ 18:54 07 May 2003

B was a 5¼ inch floppy.

  toxin 23:06 07 May 2003

Why not put a shortcut on your desktop, and rename it to "dvd writer"? No problem then in identification.


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