Identify the Real name behind an email address....

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 07:23 17 Feb 2003

Hi all,

I need to find out the REAL name behind an email address if possible (Which I don't think is).

I have the full email address and I do realise that if it were a company etc, there is no need for each individual to register as such but in this case it is a private individual on a Netscape account.

The reason behind this is that I have received several emails from them and am not too happy about them. If I could identify the real name it would put a stop to this as s/he would not be able to hide behind the anonymity.

Many thanks.

  Noels 07:50 17 Feb 2003

I dont think so either but if you go to the address bar highlight it to make it blue / Right Click / go down to properties and take it from there you will find a lot more information about the source.
Regards Noels

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:20 17 Feb 2003

You are unlikely to find out the real name because of data protection laws. You could forward the emails to the ISP in question and explain that your reasons for not wanting the emails. Otherwise, depending on how serious they are you could contact the Police and again explain the situatoin.

No need or reason to contact the police, just that if I were able to identify the person then they would probably hide their head in shame having been "found out".

Netscape do have a directory of members but of course its "opt in" and therefore only effective if the person concerned had done so - he has not!

Oh well, no worries and thanks for the time all!

  Sir Radfordin™ 12:16 17 Feb 2003

You could hunt around and see if they have signed up for another webmail service like Hotmail or Yahoo - try the same username. Depends on how keen you are to track them down!

One other thing to try is putting their email address into google and see if it brings anything up.

  Yorkie_Dave 12:45 17 Feb 2003

Check out Norton Systemworks...

  Patr100 13:05 17 Feb 2003

There may be a Netscape directory but it will be voluntary if it exists. You could try reporting it to Netscape.The address is usually something like [email protected] or similar though you will have to check with them.They are highly unlikely to give you any information if indeed the user has given any when registering (it could be false) but they may terminate the account. Unfortunately you may not get any response as these free services tend to be like that.Depends how serious they consider the issue.

  Stuartli 14:03 17 Feb 2003

Disable Preview Pane (should be permanently disabled!), click on the e-mail in quesiton in the list, click Properties and then General tab; this may provide some clues.

If you want to read the message click on Message Source. You can Control C and V the message and header after highlighting them if you wish to forward them to your ISP.

Using this method prevents the possibility of opening or activating a potential virus, but Preview Pane has to be disabled; if it is disabled even clicking once could active a virus.

  Stuartli 14:04 17 Feb 2003

That should be "if Preview Pane is ENABLED, even clicking once could activate a virus" in above posting.

  Kibo Kid 14:50 17 Feb 2003

Why don't you configure your own email service to ban emails from this address? It would send them back, but "they" could use another false address to send these email to you again. You should be able to ban the domain name. In the event "they" persist, perhaps you will have a reason to take matters further. Good luck.

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