IDE/ATA- have I got it right?????

  jack 13:52 06 Aug 2004

In my quest to get an external HDD sorted I havegotmyself a Caddy and put in an old
2gb IDe drive from the junk box to see whats what - it worked fine
Now to buy the proper drive - in a search and advice from this forum I have ordered a Barracuda
IDE/ATA 200gb from Komplett.

But did I do it right?
What is this ATA?
Will it run in my USB caddy?
Will I have to send it back?
quick quick before it is too late.

  bretsky 14:11 06 Aug 2004

click here This may help you

bretsky ;0)

  Mister Splendid©® 16:55 06 Aug 2004

IDE and ATA are different names for the same hard-drive interface. You should have no problem.

  woodchip 17:04 06 Aug 2004

YES it will run

  woodchip 17:06 06 Aug 2004

PS you got it right in your title, IDE/ATA

ATA is only a extension to IDE interface

  bremner 18:30 06 Aug 2004

Having used caddies for some time I do hope your caddy has at least one but preferably two fans. A 200GB HDD gets pretty hot and needs good cooling in the tight confines of a caddy.

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