Ideas on a New Computer

  skidzy 16:57 09 Feb 2011

Hi gang, its been a while since i last got involved here at PCA and have lost track of what not to buy and where not to buy from.
Also a little behind nowadays on the processors and graphics.

Im in the market for a new desktop , windows 7 with at least 4GB of ram and 64bit and room to up the ram if needed.

Graphics should be middle road and do not have to be top end.No gaming but plenty of Photo shopping and general surfing.

500GB will do, no need for TB as i have external drives for the data etc....

Ive been looking at i3 processors but was wondering about the Dual-core Intel® Core™ i3-550 (3.2 GHz)
Is there much difference between i3 and i5 ...keeping to a realistic budget of £500 - £600 and not to be exceeded.

Thanks in advance guys

  birdface 17:40 09 Feb 2011

Obviously you know a lot more about computers than myself.
It is just nice to see you back again so lets hope you stay with us a bit longer.
I take it you are still into the photography and that takes up all of your time.
I picked one up at aldi's at the weekend and it has the 64bit o/s.
Not to impressed with it as it takes ages to scan my security programs.
Takes about 40 minutes longer scanning my anti-virus program.
So not sure if it is just 64bit that slows it down or just whats on the computer.
Anyhow nice to see you back I will leave it to others to recommend whats best for you.

  skidzy 18:31 09 Feb 2011

Hi buteman, blimey your still here too :-) some things just do not change haha.

Yes the photography and work take up my time now so not a lot spare for PCA and such, but will try as and when i can to lend a hand.

I had seen your verdict on the Aldi machine and though the spec is good - i always have my doubts when it comes from Aldi or similar.Im sure they are great little machines for the average surfer but when stressed.... who knows.

Thankyou for the input and hope all is going well for you here at PCA.

  The Kestrel 21:34 09 Feb 2011

How about starting with htis barebones bundle from novatech click here. It has the new Intel i5 2400 processor with the latest on chip graphics. You only really need to add a hard drive, optical drive and operating system, so should come in well under your budget.

  Muergo 21:59 09 Feb 2011

I looked at the differences between i3 & i5 before buying my new PC from Arbico, it seems in the PC Advisor test that it all depends on who does what with the overclocking, the i5 based version would have cost me an extra £150,as the price for both were similar but the i5 didn't have a monitor. Arbico did supply a lovely 21 1/2" HD 1080 monitor so thats where the £150 went.

sunnystaines put an i7 system together,he mentioned Novatech before, the price of the barebones bundle does look good value, I added up all the bits at retail price and came to well over the £330 ticket.

I would have done it that way and ended up with using Helproom telling me how to put it together, should only have taken about six months!

  Ashrich 23:56 09 Feb 2011

I thought there was a problem with i5 Sandy Bridge chipsets , and an impending recall from Intel and the motherboard makers , something to do with SATA II problems .


  The Kestrel 18:37 10 Feb 2011

Ashrich you were right about the Sandy Bridge chipsets. My link no longer exists, that barebones bundle has been removed from sale to be replaced by one with the old i5 760 cpu and H55 chipset.

  MAT ALAN 19:09 10 Feb 2011

Skidzy me old rapjapflappybuddypalmateycockneyrhymningdoodah!!

Hows the photograffy comin on....

  skidzy 18:00 14 Feb 2011

Cheers guys, a few ideas i can take on board.

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