Ideal firewall for broadband

  snowy30 19:04 08 Jun 2004

Can anyone recommend an ideal firewall to be used for connecting to the internet via broadband?

I'm about to have broadband installed very soon - later this week in fact. Though the cable company NTL will provide me with its own firewall zonealarm, is it just as effective and secure as any other firewall? Can anyone recommend an ideal one otherwise?

  Valvegrid 19:09 08 Jun 2004

Zone Alarm is as good as any if you don't want to spend time setting it up. The only drawback is when you want to remove it to try something else. I used to use it.

I use Sygate, a little more configurable than ZA.
click here

  MartinT-B 19:10 08 Jun 2004

Zonealarm is not an NTL product. It's made by Zonelabs, who do a few commercial products click here as well as a firewall which is FREE fro home/personal use.

It's a good firewall imho, and although some people have had bugs with the latest free version (5.0.590.015) I have not.

I am on Broadband (blueyonder cable) running XP pro.

  Fruit Bat 19:20 08 Jun 2004

Firewalls :-
Kerio2 click here
Sygate click here
ZoneAlarm click here

all are good and free I ue ZA on adsl BB no probs


  AcidBurn7uk 19:24 08 Jun 2004

If you don't mind paying then may I recommend mcafee or norton Internet Security. Both products do the same job and retail for around the same price. Be wary though as alot of people report problems with Norton internet security ranging from performane decreases to system wipeouts. Both are exellent prducts but are a bit pricy an £40-£50, but both also do their jobs very well!

  TommyRed 19:27 08 Jun 2004

I use ZoneAlarm on PlusNet broadband, I used to have Outpost but when I tested with ShieldsUp it had 2 ports open and I was only able to stealth 1. ZA tested all ok. HTH TR

  dagwoood 21:59 08 Jun 2004

I have to agree with Valvegrid in that Zonealarm is ideal if you don't want to spend time setting it up, as when it installs you have the option for it to install and be correctly configured automatically.

If your new to using firewall s/w, then you can't get any better than Zonealarm(and it's free to boot). Other firewalls can be hard to configure correctly.

Whatever firewall you decide to use, once it's installed and you think it's configured correctly, go to the ShieldUp site( click here )and run the various scans to make sure all your ports are stealthed.


norton great nothing gets though,

try here free trial of all norton product

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  GaT7 22:39 08 Jun 2004

in these Firewall Group tests/reviews:

Free: click here.

Paid for - some are FREE (& you can try before you buy with most): click here, click here= & click here.

I use Norton Internet Security 2003. The 2004 version is also out which you can get cheaply from eBay click here or from Worthydeal click here. As AcidBurn7uk mentions can be fussy on occasion with some systems, otherwise excellent. Good luck, G

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