ide wont detect

  mh81 20:55 08 Sep 2006


i recently bought a new atx case for more power, i also bought a new hard drive.

I moved my motherboard and its stuff over to the new case (carefully + anti-static band) plugged it all together. Only difference was... i plugged the new hdd in first to do a fresh install, everything else remained the same.

So i check its all together and turn it on and now it says..

so i restart and go to bios and it wont detect the hdd (auto-detect), i plug my old hdd back in with win xp pro sp2 installed on, same error message and bios doesnt detect, i tried 3 different hdd's on both ide 1 and 2 but nothing is detected and with same error message.
I tested the drives on another system and they all work and detect fine.. im stuck

Ive spent some time looking for something else to try that might fix this problem i have.

Simply, my motherboards ide 1 and 2 will NOT detect any hard drives i put on them. I have tried..

unplugging everything else first (pci, cd/dvd, fans) so its just the one drive, then 2 hard drives.. but no. this is BOTH ide channels and with ALL jumper combinations tried ( 1hhd + cable select = no detect, 1hdd master = no detect, 1hdd slave = no detect and master + slave = no detect)

Both my cd and dvd drives detect FINE in bios on either ide channel (1 or 2)

neither ide channel 1 or 2 works with my hard drives.. bios just wont detect them.

My motherboard is MSI MS-6701

p4 2.66, 1gb ddr ram, 256mb gforce video card, and now 400w psu (from pc world) and gaming atx case (also pc world).

I cant think of anything else to try or search so would be most grateful to anyone else that could suggest or help me as ive tried everything i know.

im really stuck and dont know what to do now, can anybody help?

thanks a lot

  howard63 20:59 08 Sep 2006

it could be a short from the mobo to the case. In this situation I remove the mobo from the case and place it on an isolator [clean dry newspaper will do at a push] then connect the wires from the psu and see if it makes a difference. If so you have to check that all supports line up correctly.

  woodchip 21:03 08 Sep 2006

Check BIOS and run Auto Detect Drives, See if the drive shows on first page

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:08 08 Sep 2006

In BIOS check primary and secondary IDE channels are enabled. then go back to autodetect.

Could also be a faulty IDE cable / cable in wrong way round.

Also check jumper settngs on drive set single drive to master.

  woodchip 21:11 08 Sep 2006

For ribbon cable red wire should be near to power plug. I would say the cable is OK if it's the same one you used on the other drive

  woodchip 21:14 08 Sep 2006

One think we have forgot is if it's the only Drive on the Cable then it should be set to Master or Cable Select. If you have 2 drives then one should be Master or cable Select and the Other Slave or Cable select. Cable Select only works with a 80 wire ribbon. And if on Cable select they should both be on it

  mh81 21:41 08 Sep 2006

i removed it and mounted on newspaper then plugged it back in, 1 master on both ide 1 or 2 still no detect.

Tried a few cables (from working pc) and are in the correct way

  mh81 21:44 08 Sep 2006

bios detects cd/dvd roms on both ide 1 and 2 just not the hard drives

thanks for quick responses ; )

im going to put back in old case and see if its the same

  woodchip 21:46 08 Sep 2006

Looks like the Drive may be faulty

  mh81 21:58 08 Sep 2006

put it back into its original case+psu

in this case its mounted on some rubber things, its in correct, plugged in with vid card, master hdd on ide 1 or 2... still the same

any other suggestions?

(ive tried 3 hard drives, and the cd/dvd roms are working)

  woodchip 22:00 08 Sep 2006

Well they cannot all be duff so it may be you are not setting jumpers on the drive right etc

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