IDE v's SATA Is an upgrade worthwhile?

  Chegs ® 14:56 31 Jan 2004

I have two SATA hdd's and a Maxtor 7,200 IDE (15Gb) hdd onto Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra mobo.I have been having loads of problems whenever I put the OS (XP Home) onto SATA only,and (trying to helpout another PCA member who also uses a Gigabyte mobo with SATA RAID suffers real slow puter)I used a prog ( click here )to test my systems hdd performance and the results make interesting reading for anyone who uses SATA hdd's.

SATA HDD 01 (crashes repeatedly at Testing track 14,050)

I spent most of yesterday working in DOS to test the 3 hdd's in my puter with the UltimateBoot CD,and my findings are quite interesting(but not conclusive as had a power cut this morning)

IDE Results (Maxtor IDE 15 Gb HDD)

Averag/Max Seek Time : 9.55/14.57 ms

Random Seek Time : 8.90 ms

Track-To-Track Seek Time : 1.49 ms

Random Access Time :14.69 ms

Buffered Read Speed : 9202 KB/s

Linear Verify Speed : 24,282 KB/s

Linear Read Speed :8026 KB/s

Hard Drive Speed : 573.08 (no clues as to Mbs or GB or KB/s)

SATA HDD 02 Results...

Average/Max Seek Times :9.98/15.09 ms

Random Seek Times : 9.17 ms

Track-To-Track Seek times : 1.91 ms

Random Access Times : 14.43 ms

Buffered Read Speed : 4788 KB/s

Linear Verify Speed :31,572 KB/s

Linear Read Speed : 4714 KB/s

Hard Drive Speed 758.55 (no clues as to what terms it measured in)

Any other IDE/SATA hdd users who care to post their speed results,as I'm curious to know if its just Gigabyte boards,or all SATA mobo's that are like this?

  Chegs ® 15:56 31 Jan 2004

click here MAXTOR IDE tested in windows.

click here SATA 01 tested in windows.

click here SATA 02 tested in windows.

These were the results from testing with HD Tach click here

  John-259217 17:10 31 Jan 2004

I`ve followed Mysticnas`s thread with interest but have`nt commented as I have different kit.

Your test results are certainly disapointing and neither your own or Mysticnas`s experiences match mine.

I`ve downloaded and run the above test (repeated three times on each drive) results below.

System: MSI KT4 Ultra, Athlon 2800XP, 1024 RAM.

Drives tested:

Western Digital 40gig 7200rpm 2MB cache PATA on IDE 1 set to cable select no slave attatched.

Reported geometry: 4865cyl 255h 63s 37.27GB

Average/max seek time: 10.46/17.05ms

Random seek time: 9.01ms

Track to track seek time: 1.68ms

Random access time:13.80ms

Buffered read speed: 8879KB/s

Linear verify speed: 30686KB/s

Linear read speed: 6874KB/s

Hard drive speed: 770.93

Western Digital 37gig 10000rpm 8MB cache SATA on promise controller.

Reported geometry: 4500cyl 255h 63s 34.47GB

Average/max seek time: 6.20/9.75

Random seek time: 5.40ms

Track to track seek: 1.26ms

Random access time: 8.82ms

Buffered read speed: 81099KB/s

Linear verify speed: 44786KB/s

Linear read speed: 48412KB/s

Hard drive speed: 1902.79

My current set up has XP pro using all the Raptor drive as its partition and the PATA partitioned for FreeBSD.
I have at various times had XP on both, booting either install happily and also experimented with these two drives on the promise controller for RAID 0 & 1 again working fine.

  Chegs ® 17:22 31 Jan 2004

Thanks for taking the time,its interesting to note,your SATA drive blows the socks off my 120 Gb Maxtors.I am now trying to update the BIOS on the SATA controller,but it just flashes a dos box onscreen for milliseconds and nothing else occurs.I tried booting to DOS in 98se,but get a message telling me the BIOS flash utility doesn't run in DOS.

  Chegs ® 19:36 31 Jan 2004

Flashed the BIOS on the controller,but its made no difference to the speeds on the SATA hdd.I also tried using PowerMax,as I had read that a BIOS update had got their SATA controller working with this prog,and resolved several speed probs they were getting,but it doesn't help on my pc.I still get a

"General Protection Fault at eip=6309f; flags=30126

eax=00000000 ebx=00000050 ecx=00004000

edx=00000cfc esi=00138a6e edi=00000040

ebp=00000007 esp=005d5600 cs=af ds=b7 es=b7

fs=b7 gs=b7 error=0000 "

and the pc returns to an A:\> prompt.

Tried numerous combinations from this thru google,but apart from a couple of Linux based links,no info was available.I presume the GPF is some kind of numerical system(hexadecimal,etc)but its way out of my league if it is.

  Rayuk 20:05 31 Jan 2004

Hope you noticed that M73john was using a WD Raptor 10,000 sata drive not a bog standard 7200 drive

  Chegs ® 20:14 31 Jan 2004

I had noticed,but its not just the Raptor,I have seen other threads in other forums,where they were using Maxtor SATA with Asus,etc mobo's and getting faster results than either of my SATA hdd's can achieve.I already suspect one of my SATA's is poorly,hence the freeze at testing track 14,050,but I want to see if PCA users with SATA systems can give me anything further to work with.At present,I think the speed probs are associated with Gigabyte boards,as I haven't seen any results from a GB user posting fast results.

  cycoze 21:35 31 Jan 2004

Tried your first program System Speed Test speedsys , unfortunatly , on XP it said it could not run all the tests , just CPU details , i may have missed something , i just unzipped it and fired up the program .

The second program HD Tach , gave the following,

2 x Maxator Serial ATA 80gig 7200

Random Access Time 12.4ms.

read Burst Speed 110.4mb.

CPU utilization 12.4%.

Read speed max=56.6mb , min=34.1 , average=45.7mb.

The slave drive had a slower read Burst Speed .

Machine runs AMD XP 3000 Barton on a GigaByte Triton GA/7N400 Pro2 motherboard with 1 gig DDR400 memory .

I dont normally bother with speed/performance tests etc , if my machines perform the tasks there given i`m happy, the above machine was built begining of November03 and has had daily use since .

  Chegs ® 22:16 31 Jan 2004

You need to put the prog on a floppy,then set pc to boot from A:\ it should run all tests then.Your HD Tach results for average beats my SATA's and yours is an IDE hdd! I very much regret buying this SATA system,as its never been as quick as I expected.I am only interested in getting a bit of data to compare results with mine,to see which bit of hardware is causing these lousy speeds,not as a "mines bigger/better/faster than yours..." thread.

  cycoze 22:24 31 Jan 2004

In answer to the threads question "IDE v's SATA Is an upgrade worthwhile?" , no not just to upgrade hard drives via an add in adapter , yes if building a new machine , faster boards and drives are on the horizon .

PS - i said "i just unzipped it and fired up the program" i should have added , after scanning them with AV etc.

  cycoze 22:27 31 Jan 2004

You said "beats my SATA's and yours is an IDE hdd!" , no mine are not IDE they are both SATA.

I will give the program another go for you my friend .

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