IDE Setup?

  ste_bla 06:10 28 May 2004

I have a CD-Rom And CD-RW (And a DVD-RW few weeks). Its a new build, i have a GA-8IPE 1000 Pro2 with 2 IDE channels and my HDD is SATA.

My CD-Rom will be my main drive so that would be the master and so CD-RW would be slave but will it work like that? I could put them both as Master one on each channel but what would i do when DVD-Rw comes along? Do Masters go ate the end of IDE cable or in the middle?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:20 28 May 2004

It should be fine as you suggest:

Primary maser: hdd

Primary slave: cd-rw

Secondary master: cd-rom

Secondary slave: dvd-rw

On my machine I have the masters on the end and the slaves second, but I don't know that it makes any difference.

  ste_bla 08:27 28 May 2004

That be fine but HDD is sata.....

  Diodorus Siculus 08:29 28 May 2004

ste_bla - trust me not to read carefully. Out of my depth, I'm afraid. I know nothing of SATA disks... yet!

  SEASHANTY 08:35 28 May 2004

Some info on master/slave settings IDE config on this website
click here

  [email protected]!nt 12:21 28 May 2004

Primary Master - CD ROM
Primary Slave - CDRW
Secondary Master - DVDRW
Secondary Slave - None

  woodchip 12:27 28 May 2004

CDRW is best set to Master they seem to like it that way. But why you need a plain CD reader is beyond me if you have a CDRW and a DVDRW drives

  ste_bla 12:31 28 May 2004

Woodchip my cdrw for some reason continually spins the disc which i dont like as it makes a noise and heat inside...

  woodchip 14:19 28 May 2004

use the dvd to read cd

  ste_bla 14:41 28 May 2004

Dont have dvdrw yet but when get it swap with cdrom and so just have two optical drives each master on diff channel? And does it matter if end or middle of cable?

  cream. 14:46 28 May 2004

Yes this board will take two SATA drives and four IDE drives.

I agree with woodchip that the writers should be set as masters and the cdrom should be slave to the cdrom.

I would set it up

primary master---cdrw

primary slave----cdrom

secondary master---dvdrw

secondary slave----none.

Like you I purchased a dvdrw after I had a cdrw and a cdrom already installed. The dvdrw only writes to dvd disks, the cdrw only writes to cdr disks and the cdrom does the donkey work. This is because the cdrom is the cheapest to replace and this is what it was designed for.

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