IDE-Sata just won't work!

  X™ 14:56 27 Dec 2009

So I got a little Sata -> IDE BiDirectional from PC world as this computer is a built out of old parts computer and I've got three IDE devices, two HDD's and one DVD/CD-Writer.

Yesterday I had a hard drive and a CD drive hooked up to the IDE slot on the motherboard and another hard drive with this gadget on SATA 1.

Installed Windows 7 then realised one hard drive wasn't there, the SATA converted one.

I the tried with the DVD drive and I'm fairly sure it showed on BIOS, but not Windows and it's not showing now.

It slows POST right down which would indicate it's in wrong, I've tried all the ways of connecting it. If I turn on BIOS setup then connect it to SATA and hit enter on "Sata 1" (basically the place to change Auto or manual device) it hangs, if I connect it before going into set up it just shows nothing there.

Any ideas on this? None of my three IDE hard drives or CD drive want's to work on it. SATA is enabled.

Thanks for your time.

P.S what will be quicker, one slot of DDR2 800 HX 2GB or that plus another 1GB DDR2 but 667MHZ?



  howard64 16:35 27 Dec 2009

ram will all work at the speed of the slowest. With your drives set them to cable select.

  X™ 16:52 27 Dec 2009

CS unfortunately does nothing. I'm going to return it for a swap tomorrow and if that doesn't work I'll get one for a quid off eBay, as they've worked for me before!

So what's best to use? Single 2GB stick or 2GB stick + the slower 1GB?

Cheers mate.

  woodchip 17:04 27 Dec 2009

Check the BIOS for other things to Enable with regards SATA As on a Motherboard I Fitted to use with win98se The BIOS can be disabled in BIOS for SATA. If I do not disable it its asking for drivers all the time and SATA is not supported by this motherboard with Win98se. I Dual boot it with XP home. So other than just looking on first page at Drives in BIOS look in may be Advanced settings etc to see if its disabled

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