Blaikie 08:04 05 Apr 2011

Hello, I have just recently bought an IDE to SATA converter adapter HEXIN (HXSP-0908)

My PC is a dell build and motherboard is 0G1548 Intel i845G with IDE connections.

I have a SATA HDD (160GB Hitachi Deskstar) which I am trying to connect using the adapter.

Now whenever I try to boot the PC with everything connected, it takes a considerable amount of time to load. When it eventually loads onto the logon screen, it looks as if there are no Graphics drivers installed and the mouse + keyboard stop responding, I am unable to advance past this point.

Any help would be appreciated!


  Batch 09:34 05 Apr 2011

Are you trying to use the SATA disk as the boot device or do you have an existing IDE drive as as boot device and the SATA as a secondary device?

  Blaikie 09:52 05 Apr 2011

SATA disk is boot device and only HDD connected.

  bremner 09:59 05 Apr 2011

Did you do a fresh install of Windows onto the Satan drive.

If not then that is your problem. The Windows install has drivers for the machine on which it was installed and not this one.

  bremner 10:02 05 Apr 2011


This was an autocomplete error.

  bremner 10:03 05 Apr 2011


This was an autocomplete error

  Blaikie 10:05 05 Apr 2011

Ah suppose that makes sense, might just need to use it as a secondary drive then.

  Algerian peter 10:52 05 Apr 2011

priceless. :-)

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