Ide + Sata.

  Bowsprit 23:01 18 Jun 2004

I dual boot with the two disks i have on computer and was thinking about buying a Sata disk.What happens when you boot with 3 disks ? Will the dual boot option still be there and where will the sata disk show up and also can an OS be put on this disk.Hope you can follow this.

  Chegs ® 00:46 19 Jun 2004

I have had IDE + SATA hdd's on my PC,only prob was the IDE hdd's slowed down my SATA hdd's.I only use the SATA hdd's(the IDE is presently loaded with linux in another "spare" PC)but initially I had IDE + SATA with XP Home on the SATA hdd's and linux on the IDE.The linux box couldn't "see" the SATA hdd(no linux driver for the SI controller)and windows refuses to acknowledge the existence of any other OS unless you instruct it to look harder. ;-)

  Bowsprit 04:47 19 Jun 2004

Speed wouln't bother me too much but i still can't understand what happens when you boot with these dual OS's i have at the moment plus a third Sata disk which means your trying to open the OS on one of three disks at startup and a triple boot doesn't.You can see i know zero about Sata!

  mrdsgs 07:45 19 Jun 2004

there won't be a problem because the mbr (master boot record) will be on your first ide hd, usually hd 0.

I have 2 ide disks setup in a Raid 0 array, 2 sata disks in a Raid 0 array as well and a scsi hd for backup and I run multiple operating systems.

The general rule of thumb is "newest last" unless you are using a boot manager programme. ie, if you have w98, you can easily add w2000 and then xp but it more complicated doing it if your first os is xp and you then want to add older ones.

good luck



speed not a problem for me, all 3 types of hd appear quick and certainly none have been affected by the addition of others.

  Bowsprit 08:34 19 Jun 2004

I feel a bit more confident now.The fact that i have never had more than two HD's on a computer made the thought of adding more a bit daunting.I have just bought a new quieter PSU and it has sata power connectors on it so that's a help.I will go ahead and order a disk now.Thanks both for the advice.

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