IDE Problem - New MBoard or new HDD?

  Qdiddy 19:05 04 Jul 2005

Good afternoon all. Firstly here are the basics:
I'm running XP2 on Athlon 1200 with PCChips Mboard (M810LR). Two HDD, the most recent is a DiamondMax9 160gb purchased less than a year ago.

For some months now, I get a clicking noise in the HDD as it cycles through the DMA levels. Once down to PIO most things run OK. Video being the main exception. I have tried a number of remedies (most suggested on the forum) including master/slave check sum removal in the registry and IDE device removal. I have tried different cables, switching HDDs and DVDs between channels and various master/slave combinations.

I see on a number of threads that the finger is quickly pointed to the HDD, but I am not convinced that the HDD is the culprit. Partly because it is so new, and partly because it just doesn't "feel" like the problem (call me the PC Psychic!). So I am leaning towards a MBoard replacement, and this is a long winded way of asking for further opinions on what I should do.


  gudgulf 20:00 04 Jul 2005

You could rule out the HDD by removing it and putting it in someone elses computer as a slave....see how it runs then and at what DMA level (it shouldn't need to run at PIO level!).Jerky video playback may well occur if you are running at PIO access level.

I do not have a very good opinion of PC chips motherboards....I believe you get what you pay for.However this link to a whole load of FAQ's on the M810 motherboard might help you click here particular attention to the "Why does my hard drive run so slowly" question(No 28).

  sand_danser 20:03 04 Jul 2005

I would download & run Powermax from the Maxtor site m8 then at least it'll tell you one way or another if the HDD is to blame. I've known brand new HDD's to be duds and my m8 returned two that arrived knackered in the post!
Sorry if you've already ran powermax but if you do, remember to write down any error code it gives you as you'll need it when returning the HDD to Maxtor.

  Ironman556 20:04 04 Jul 2005

I know seagate do and it lets you check over your whole hdd for faults so that you don't send them a perfectly good drive back.

  Ironman556 20:05 04 Jul 2005

beat me to the post.

  Qdiddy 20:19 04 Jul 2005

All good advice as usual. I'll have a go at the Maxtor software first (since I can do that now) and also try out the HDD in another PC.

On a further note then, how about a recommendation for a new motherboard?

  Qdiddy 20:23 04 Jul 2005


The link for the M810 FAQ needs a space before "pay". Just thought I'd mention it for other users. Having a read now. Thanks.

  Qdiddy 20:31 04 Jul 2005

Well, well. It seems from the FAQ that the M810 is not very happy with a large HDD. For the avoidance of doubt, I will still try the other tests, but a new Mboard is looking more likely. Bring on your recommendations. Has anyone used the upgrade kits including CPU like these click here

  woodchip 20:42 04 Jul 2005

You need to run Seatools disc check. no matter what you feel click here

  gudgulf 20:52 04 Jul 2005

The proper link click here was a typo on my part.The Pay bit shouldn't be there.

  woodchip 20:58 04 Jul 2005

Yes I have a PC chips 848a board I have a 550watt psu

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