IDE hdd cable 40 or 80

  sunny staines 15:29 27 Apr 2007

how do I tell the difference between the two please, I know 80 is better but i have a few cables lying around and not sure which is which?

  brundle 15:38 27 Apr 2007

40 wire cables have gaps you can easily run your nail along, 80 wire cable gaps are much smaller.
The difference is quite obvious when you have a cable of each type side by side.
Not sure if this image is clear enough but worth a try;
click here

  brundle 15:38 27 Apr 2007

Actually not gaps, ridges.

  Jack Hackett 15:39 27 Apr 2007

The 40 wire has 40 wires the 80 has 80 wires.
The 80 wire is has twice the amount of earth wires that help to reduce interference.
80 wire cables use the same 40 pin connectors

  sunny staines 17:22 27 Apr 2007

thanks for the info magnify glass out and counting the ridges.

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