IDE Extension connector

  Switcher 15:54 08 Mar 2003

Is it possible to buy a Male>Male connector which will allow an IDE cable to be extended.

  BlueMeanie 18:44 08 Mar 2003

Maplin electronics sell various connectors. However signal quality/loss could well be a problem. You might well be better off having just one long cable. What is the total lengh of cable required ?

  cream. 18:57 08 Mar 2003

100 cm long ide cable, any use?

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  eccomputers 22:19 08 Mar 2003

I recently checked 'dabs' and 'ebuyer' for the same thing. dabs had a 60cm ribbon but I nearly fell over (£34). In ebuyer I have purchased 2 round ide leads which are easier to tidy in the case and they are 70cm and made by belkin. These have cost me just over £7 including delivery.
If you purchase new ata/100 or 133 leads, please make sure you put the blue connector into the motherboard, the black to the master device, and the grey to the slave if one is present. Lots of people make this mistake.

  cream. 23:08 08 Mar 2003

100 cm cable here for £3.41?

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  flecc 00:28 09 Mar 2003

Longer IDE cables do incur performance losses though, the amount depending upon the length and cable quality.

That's why all the standard cables stick to the IDE spec.

This problem should be overcome to a fair extent by the new Serial connection hard drives.

  Paul2003 00:59 09 Mar 2003

Remember - as Flecc says deviate from the IDE spec and you may have problems, the max length for an IDE cable should not exceed 18"

  Switcher 01:08 10 Mar 2003

Thanks for replies but I should have mentioned the following.

The reason I require an adaptor is that I have acquired a Desktop IDE to laptop HDD converter.

Rather than open the PC each time I wish to use this converter I would like to use it with one of my removable caddies.

The caddy uses an standard IDE type socket to plug into the usual type HDD but of course I wish to plug into a 2.5" HDD Hence my need for a method of converting from IDE socket to IDE plug.

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