IDE Expansion any ideas?

  Rikku 11:02 11 Jul 2004

hey i just wanted to know if there was any way i could get a pci card of some sort to allow me to have more than 2 hard drives?

ive been loooking at
click here

but im not sure if thats ok or not i dont wanna set up a raid i just want lots of storage.

thanks for reading


  Mister Splendid©® 11:05 11 Jul 2004

Try this one, also on Ebuyer click here it will allow you to connect 4 more ide drives.

  SEASHANTY 11:37 11 Jul 2004

Both Promise and Maxtor supply PCI IDE cards which
will allow connection up to four extra drives. Just
bear in mind that the PSU which came with your PC will only have limited output. If you keep adding extra drives you will have to increase the PSU wattage and also increase the cooling. Hard drives
get hot.

  Mikè 12:04 11 Jul 2004

I use one of these click here
d=49&products_id=1123 excellent.

  Mikè 12:05 11 Jul 2004
  Rikku 14:49 11 Jul 2004

thanks ....
one thing though i bought a 400 W PSU a while ago, it tested with both intel and AMD, however the PSU worked with an AMD machine but when i tried it with my intel ... i got a power light but it wouldnt turn on ... any ideas why that would be?
click here
This is also another possibility then id need case fans?

Space forfixing drives to case:
im also planning on adding a third optical drive (A DVD+-RW) but another problem is space in my case .. you guys have any recommendations on alternative ways to mount hard drives? and additional case bolt on? or an external way? id still want them connecting through the Pci Card though.

Thanks for a fast reply!

  Smiler 15:10 11 Jul 2004

I have three hard drives (Total 200gb) two cd-rw one dvd +- rw one zip drive one floppy drive one creative live drive one pdi tv card one pci soundblaster card one agp video card one pci usb 2 card one pci network card one pci 1394 host adapter & 4 case fans running off 550watt psu no probs.

  Rayuk 15:17 11 Jul 2004

Did your psu have the extra power connector to fit onto the Intel motherboard.What make of psu is it.

  Rikku 15:38 11 Jul 2004

yea i had the large brick and the small 4 pin

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