IDE drives on SATA MB

  TyphoonXXX 21:07 09 Aug 2009

Recently installed ASUS P5KPL-C MB which has 1 IDE connector and 4 SATA connectors. Got 2 HDD running from the 1 IDE connector and bought adaptors to connect IDE DVD/CD drives to the SATA connectors on MB. Cannot for the life of me configure the MB to identify the SATA connections. MB setup has different configurations but have been through them all with no success - even tried connecting 1 HDD to SATA selection only with no go! I'm obviously doing something wrong (or the adaptors are no good??) Help required, first post!!

  GaT7 21:24 09 Aug 2009

Are these IDE-SATA adapters meant to be powered?

Do you have a link to them please? G

  TyphoonXXX 19:07 12 Aug 2009

Tried to reply the other night but post did not appear so was not ignoring anyone!!

They are powered fine. In trying to provide a link to them I visited the e-buyer website when I found that these were apparently not well described and they are in fact the wrong ones. These will do a SATA drive to IDE MB. Description was changed about 2 weeks after I bought them!! A site reviewer also confirmed this. Attempting to get replacements from e-buyer. Will post when situation resolved, might help someone in the future.

  TyphoonXXX 20:14 31 Aug 2009

Success - well, sort of. Had to purchase replacements as e-buyer would not exchange, had them too long. Fitted replacements to DVD/CD but could not get them to be recognised by BIOS. In frustration, tried on HDD and bingo, worked straight away. Connected up 2nd HDD and this worked too. Had to connect DVD/CD to IDE but its all going OK so will leave alone now.

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