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  adb1107 19:24 09 Jan 2003
  adb1107 19:24 09 Jan 2003


Hopefully this might be a simple question to someone out there?!

I'm upgrading my PC, which has a hard drive, a DVD-ROM drive and a CD-RW drive. Previously I connected the two CD drives to the same IDE connector as master and slave. My new motherboard, (Gigabyte GA-7VAXP) has 4 IDE connectors, so would I be better off connecting each drive to a separate one and setting them all as masters?

The motherboard manual is not very clear, being written in Taiwanglish rather than English.


  Elrond 19:26 09 Jan 2003

I suppose you could do that but i don't know about any benfits. I would just keep the same configuration as before. But someone may know of a benefit

  HasH 19:30 09 Jan 2003

Ive heard its better to keep each device on a seperate IDE channel where possible, better performance so im told.

  jediknight007 19:35 09 Jan 2003

Yea, just keep the devices on each IDE connector if possible so that there isn't a chance that any of the devices will slow down the others. I did read something about how the way you use your CD-RW determines whether you put both your cdrw and dvd on the same ide or not. like for example, if you mainly copy to the hard drive first and then back to the cd-rw drive, it's best to put them on different drives or something. can't exactly remember what. However, make sure that using loads of ide cables will not stuff your pc case, allow plenty of air for ventilation.

The "Extra" two IDE connectors that you have are for Raid devices (Hard drives in an array).

SOME boards will allow any IDE devices to use these extra connections as well as hard drives and my old Gigabyte GA7DXR (I think that was it) would allow the CD and DVD to be placed on them.

If it will allow you to do this there IS a benifit as if you think about copying a CD "On the fly" the data needs to be read from the DVD DOWN the cable and then BACK UP the same cable to the CD/RW! Data flowing in two directions on the same cable is bound to be slower!

However, some boards will not allow this (My Asus A7V333 Raid will not) and reserve the extra IDE for Hard drives only.

If this is the case there is a work around which is to enable raid and place your hard drive onto IDE 3.

You then have the two connectors 1&2 to use for CD and DVD!

Dont worry about not having two hard drives for an array - it will still work fine.

jediknight007 Used to be the case but not any more - drive speeds are now all independant and will not slow other (faster) devices!

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