IDE channels - again

  bythor 19:20 21 Feb 2004

to rennaissance:

I've connected as you suggested. However, the old drive is causing probs. When I open Win explorer, it just about comes up with drive info, but crashes as it appears to try to display the slave info. Any ideas? Could it be because this drive was initially a bootable one? Haven't been able to format it yet.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:34 21 Feb 2004

I don't know the history here... but anyway!

What OS? If XP, boot with the OS CD and format the disk before Windows loads. Be careful to format the correct one though...

If win98, get a bootable floppy, and using it, do the same.

  bythor 21:33 21 Feb 2004

Hi diodorous

I'm running win98. Just added new hdd and waited till all's well for a few weeks. #now want to add old hdd as slave. problem started here!

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