IDE channels

  linguina 22:42 06 Feb 2003

Hello. My motherboard (ABIT KR7A/RAID) has 2 IDE ULTRA MDA 100 channels (HDD 1 nad 2) and 2 IDE ULTRA DMA 133 channels (HDD 3 and 4) where I can make use of the RAID feature. Now, my OS is installed on my old HDD (the one I want to get rid of) on IDE channel 1.
If I want to install another OS on a different HDD pluged to IDE 3 or 4 how do I do?

  rmn 23:10 06 Feb 2003

i have kd 7 raid if you want to install an o/s on either of the raid headers ie ide3& 4 you need to install the raid drivers first or the hdd on channels 3&4 will not be seen.if you have xp boot from the cd and there is an option during setup that says hit f2 to install third party drivers or words to that will then ask you for the floppy with the promise raid drivers on,it then states they are newer than the windows ones and ask you to confirm you want to use them say yes.after that xp will be able to see the hdd and you can install it to there.good look darren post back if you get stuck.

  woodchip 23:17 06 Feb 2003

I think you will find that IDE 3 and 4 are just for backup of the other IDE's and will not allow you to install OS

  rmn 23:50 06 Feb 2003

i have three harddrives on my machine two master and slave on ide 3 the master of which has xp pro installed on it and another as master on ide must be able to have an o/s on them or else you would not be able to set up raid0 or raid one as you can only do it on the raid headers and not ide 1&2.the bios allows you to boot from any hard drive on any ide channel as long as you have the raid drivers installed but you dont have to set up an array you can just use them as extra ide channels which is what i do i did try a mirroring array but it went tits up and i had to reinstall everything so ive left well alone for now.darren

  linguina 23:56 06 Feb 2003

thank you for the tips. I will have a go at it and let you know.

  woodchip 10:35 07 Feb 2003

That's what I meant that OS cannot be put on the raid side IDE the first two IDE's are for Hard Drives or any IDE interface

  rmn 22:56 07 Feb 2003

youve lost me now im can you only use a raid array for storing data and not an o/ o/s xp pro is on the hard drive on ide 3 which is one of the raid headers according to the could i not have an array with an operating system on is that why it did not work before?treat me like an idiot woodchip i was lucky enough to be able to build one but dont know how to work the damn thing.cheers darren

  linguina 23:27 07 Feb 2003

I followed your instruction and it did work! I had xp on a strip array.
Now, the problem is awkward. I try to restore xp (the new one on the stripe array) with a recent backup from a cd-rom. After completing the task backup manager doesn't ask me to reboot and even if I do reboot the changes don't seem to take effect. Even if I restore the system folder.

It may not count but I noticed that the latest installation of xp was a little bit different from when I installed the first time on c:. Then I was asked to log in as administrator whereas now I log in as 'user' even though I followed the same procedure to install xp?!?!

  rmn 23:51 07 Feb 2003

go to user settings in control panel i think see if you are set as an administrator.if you are the only person on it you probably will have xp running on a stripping array,we need some help from the big boys not sure you can backup like that to a stripping array it splits the information between the two harddrives in order to increase the speed at which the data is loaded.sorry im not much help keep bumping the post to the top eventually someone a lot brighter than me will come along.good luck darren
p.s. just a thought is the backup your using a backup of xp thats on the raid array now or an earlier backup of a diffrent drive.if its of a different drive that might be the problem as i said above the infos written to 2 hard drives in a stripping array.

  jazzypop 00:05 08 Feb 2003

Your backup version of XP was running on completely different hardware to your new version of XP. It would be a really bad idea to try and restore your old system onto your new one.

By all means restore individual data files and folders, but not system files, folders, or registry settings.

BTW, XP only uses the BIOS information to get itself kick-started. Early in the boot process, it installs its own disk-handling routines, and ignores the BIOS information from then on.

You should log on as a User, even if you have Administrator rights. Logging on as Administrator compromises your system security.

  linguina 00:10 08 Feb 2003

The back up I'm using it's from the xp I had on a different drive (it was on IDE 1 whilst now I'm trying to restore it on a RAID stripping array on IDE 3 and 4).
Thanks for the support, anyway.

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