IDE cables to cut or not to cut.

  jack 19:49 27 Mar 2003

I find that when installing a new Ide cable, there is usually yards unused of cable and connectors
to tuck away or suff in the already confines of a housing.
Can the surplus be trimmed with out affecting the performance?

  Psiman 21:04 27 Mar 2003

The answer is yes.

  interzone55 21:14 27 Mar 2003

No, don't cut the cable, simply fold it diagonally a couple of times to take up the slack & tie it with a cable yie or fsten with an elastic band.
Unless you know what you're doing (and you wouldn't have asked if you did) you will ruin the cable.
Alternativly if you are only connecting one device to the cable by a short one from Maplins.


Absolutely not, never in fact should you do this. The reason? If you are running ATA 100 or 133 the cables are "Shielded" and by cutting them you will loose this. You only have to have a small amount of "interference" from a cut end next to another cable and the cable simply will not work - trust me i've been there.

You can get short cables, or even better, round cables from places such as Ebuyer for as little as £3.00 ea. well worth it.

Unless you really do have miles of spare cable and simply cannot get a shorter one then as above, simply fold and tuck away.

  flecc 21:33 27 Mar 2003

Fold them the way that you see the ceremonial folding of the Stars and Stripes done. You'll end up with a neat triangle which you can align with the airflow in the case which will not impede cooling.

  DieSse 00:57 28 Mar 2003

If you had the correct professional cuttng tool, you could do it. However it matters which ends you cut off!

If in any doubt at all don't even try - fold them as suggested - it's not difficult to fold, tie and route them to be tidy and out of the major air-flows.

  hugh-265156 01:09 28 Mar 2003

i split mine and twisted very tidy but nerve wrecking in the process!!

  tbh72 02:05 28 Mar 2003

Use the round cable's..... There sweet!!!

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