IDE Cable thats supports more than 2 devices

  CPU Temperature Too High 11:24 05 Apr 2003

Can anyone tell me whether I can buy an IDE cable that has space for three or four devices. I would like to get hold of two, one for the primary - 2 harddrives and a zip drive. One for the secondary - CD-RW, DVD-RW and a normal DVD drive. I do not want to get a controller card or revert to external devices. I heard that some motherboards support more than two devices on one channel. I have an MSI KT3V Ultra, would this motherboard have difficulty with this setup or would I deffinetly have to get a controller card. Please bear in mind that I do not want any external drives, as I already have internal drives, which I cannot use at the moment. I do not want to change my motherboard, as it is brand new.

  DieSse 11:33 05 Apr 2003

You definately have to get a controller - the IDE spec is two devices per channel only.

  CPU Temperature Too High 11:39 05 Apr 2003

Oh, Thanks DieSse, One thing though, can I use a controller card to just hook up the dvdrw and the Zip drive. Then I will put the two harddrives as master and slave on the primary channel. I will put the CDRW and the DVD drive on the secondary channel.

Is the above setup correct? Or would you recommend a different way to set it up?

Another question, what do you call this channel on the controller card, - Tertiary?

  CPU Temperature Too High 12:10 05 Apr 2003


  CPU Temperature Too High 12:10 05 Apr 2003


  CPU Temperature Too High 12:24 05 Apr 2003

help me please

  MAJ 12:37 05 Apr 2003

While not having tried installing that many drives all at once, CPU Temperature Too High, I can't see any reason why that setup wouldn't work.

  CPU Temperature Too High 12:42 05 Apr 2003

Thanks Maj. One thing I was wondering does anyone know where I can get a cheap controller, £30 possibly or under? I was also wondering if PC WORLD do one this cheap. Please note that I will not be buying on the internet.

  flecc 12:44 05 Apr 2003

Yes, that's definitely OK, that setup with a controller card would work well.

If you copied CDs directly from the DVD drive to the CD Writer you could just get a difficulty as they'e on the same channel, but writing via the hard drive solves that minor problem.

Alternatively you could direct copy from the DVD-RW to the CD-Writer keeping the channels independent that way.

  MAJ 12:45 05 Apr 2003

PCWorld should do them and they do cost around £30, if not PCWorld, then your local PC shop should have them, they're not a rare commodity. The internet is your best, cheapest bet, but you say that's not an option.

  CPU Temperature Too High 12:51 05 Apr 2003

Thanks Flecc and Maj. The thing is I have never liked buying on the net, besides they probably would'nt accept my Credit Card!

Just one more thing, though, how would the controller be recognized by the pc? Would the drives be recognized as 'Tertiary Master' and 'Tertiary Slave'?

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