id like to upgrade graphics card

  LEGGGGY 18:37 06 May 2005

my kids have a amd athlon 1.4 with xp & 512 ram with nvidia geforce 3.

id like to upgrade the graphics card and also id like to install a freeview tv card

any recomendations and how easy to install..

  Jak_1 18:43 06 May 2005

No recomendations but you should be able to get a combined card and they will be plug and play and the drivers on an installation cd.

  garrema 20:21 06 May 2005

"all in wonder" by ATI. However they were fairly high spec.
With your current PC your processor is a limit on where you can go with a graphics card i.e. its no use getting a high spec card since the CPU will limit what it would do. But then the cards available at this performance point may not be available with TV in/out.
My suggestion would be about £50 max on a graphics card say FX5700 128 mb made by nvidia or an ATI 9600. Check out Ebay.
Then buy a TV PCI card.
Happy shopping

  rubella 23:06 06 May 2005

I’d suggest the Hercules 3D Prophet All-In-Wonder 9800SE . It should also withstand an upgrade to the rest of your system, should you choose to at some later point [providing that was a jump not a leap]. A sweet factor with this 256bit card is you would also stand a fair chance of being able to soft mod it to a 9800pro, gratis, by means of the Omega drivers.

Bit of info: click here=

  [email protected]@ 23:47 06 May 2005

Graphics cards click here

T.V Cards click here

All in Wonder click here

Just to give you an idea of suitable cards.

  garrema 09:53 07 May 2005

This graphics card; click here

And then this TV card;
click here

It will be cheaper than an all in wonder but more of a faff

  LEGGGGY 10:58 08 May 2005

many thanks for all that help

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