I'd like to build my own, advise please!

  Timeout 23:14 19 Jul 2004

I'd like to have a go at builing my own computer. Can any one give some advise as to what to buy.

I do a lot of spread sheet work (will probably buy a new office suite), I'm building a web site with a lot of photo's and I think I'll probably go for a new O/S as my current computer will be moved on to the grand children.

I'd like something that works with the photo's a lot faster than my current 64mb graphics card, but which card?

Haven't decided whether to use AMD or Pentium and have no idea about mother board. Would maybe like about 120Gb hard drive.

As I'm a small town centre business I'll be using same to supply me with the bits so no need to recommend supplyers thanks.

Again thanks for any help.

  Tamarocker88 23:35 19 Jul 2004

since you aren't going to be playing any really technical games on your computer, you should probably go with an ATI graphics card. Anything cheap with say, 64 bit and 128 mb of ddr will do. The low cards that are 32 bit and 64 mb ddr, run about 40.00, so I can assume that a card you will want, with 64 bit and 128 mb ddr by ATI will cost about $60-$80.00 Good idea about the large hard drive. You said you want a faster pc, but the graphics card isnt the only thing that'll do the job. More memory will also do the trick. 512 mb sticks of ddr also give a speed boost, especially if they have a high pc number like pc2700 or 3200.

  Timeout 23:42 20 Jul 2004

Ok. Notes being made as we go along.

What would you suggest for the processor AMD or Pentium 4? I've always had AMD so far and, either I've got faster or the computer's got slower. I do defrag occasionally and have been known to format and re-install on occasion trying to speed things up.

Is XP home any good or should I stay with Me?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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