ICS with wireless adapter and crossover LAN

  Funktion 01:09 09 Sep 2005

It's late at night, and I'm frustrated!

I'm trying to get Internet Connection Sharing configured between two PCs both running WinXP Pro (SP2) and connected to each other via a crossover ethernet cable. The gateway PC is connected to a broadband router (Netgear WGT624) via a wireless adapter (Netgear WT111).

In their current configuration, the gateway PC (PC1) can connect to both the internet and the other PC (PC2), but PC2 can only connect to PC1 and not the internet. Files can be successfully transferred between each PC, and PC1 has no problems with the internet connection. WinXP firewall is disabled on all network connections, and ZoneAlarm is running on the PC1.

Here are the relevant addresses:

Router IP - (Manual)

PC1 Wireless IP - (Automatic)
Subnet -
Gateway -
PC1 LAN IP - (Manual)
Subnet -
Gateway -

PC2 LAN IP - (Manual)
Subnet -
Gateway -

I have tried using the WinXP Network Setup Wizard, but that does not work properly. I have tried automatically assigning various IP Addresses to every adapter. I have tried enabling ICS manually on PC1 Wireless, but get an error about the IP Address needing to be assigned to the PC1 LAN (which it is!). This error also occurs when automatic assigning of IP is enabled. I have even tried bridging the two connections, but no joy there.

More information can be supplied as and when any of you need it, but please, please post any suggestions (unless they involve hamsters and wheels!) as I have spent endless hours trying endless combinations of IPs, etc. and my dreams are starting to involve pinging 32 bytes backwards and forwards.

My brain hurts, but I'm sure that somebody here must be able to throw me a line...

Cheers in advance guys.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 01:24 09 Sep 2005


  Thalmus 01:30 09 Sep 2005

just a suggestion but some routers will not route to an ip address of 192.168.x.x try another ip address range

  Funktion 07:49 09 Sep 2005

I have tried different ranges from 192.168.x.x such as 10.14.x.x.

PC1 ( can connect to the router fine but PC2 ( cannot. What is the DNS best set to - automatic or manual? I'm off to work now and only have PC1 booted, but keep the clues coming, and I'll check everything out when I get back in tonight.

  ^wave^ 08:04 09 Sep 2005

can you ping each pc

  scotty 09:33 09 Sep 2005

Try disabling ZoneAlarm to see if this allows you to access the internet. The free version of ZA does not support ICS fully. (Reducing security level from high to medium can get round this limitation)

  interzone55 10:20 09 Sep 2005

Set the IP range to to a trusted zone.

  interzone55 10:22 09 Sep 2005

Change that range to

You may also be having trouble with DCHP. The router may want to give PC2 an IP address in the range of to, this was the case with an Origo router I had. Try setting PC2 to automatically set IP address

  Funktion 18:42 09 Sep 2005

Wave - each PC can ping each other fine.
Alan - I have a trusted IP range incorporating the IP addresses, but I didn't know about the 2-16 limit that may be enforced from the router. I'll try that next.
Scotty - cheers for letting me know about the limitations of Free ZA. I'll try disabling it and see if that gets me anywhere.

I'll keep you informed, but keep the suggestions rolling in...

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