ICS With WinXP and NTL Cable (External Modem)

  J¨¡§Þ¦®ŝ 09:44 11 Mar 2003

Hey guys,

I have a home LAN setup up as follows : click here (second picture down). All my computers have WinXP (Pro and Home) can see each other in Network Neighbourhood/Share files etc.

The PC which is connected to the internet has an external (USB) NTL cab modem and 1 NIC connected to the network hub.

Do I need to buy a second NIC (for the computer with the net) for ICS to work?

Or is there a way around this?( I noticed when I share the connection the other PC's can see it but not use it (?) and they say that they are connected but not)

Any ideas?


  AndySD 09:56 11 Mar 2003

No the network is fine.

In the PC connected to the modem go Start/Networking/Network Connections and right click on the modem... make sure ICS is ticked and that the XP firewall is disabled.

If it is as above then go to the other PC's and make sure the Default gateway is

Also do you have a firewall set up on the PC connected to the modem as this is often the cause of this type of problem.

  J¨¡§Þ¦®ŝ 10:24 11 Mar 2003

Yes I have checked this several times and also run the XP network setup on each of the PCs.

I do have a firewall but I have tried disabling it with not avail.


  AndySD 10:28 11 Mar 2003

A trick that sometimes works is to start IE on the client PC when the error page comes up ...click on detect network settings...then wait this can take ages.

Or Remove the firewall from the host PC (go to the firewalls web site for full instructions...) Get the network up and running then install the firewall.

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