ICS stops all interent

  billy 23:14 08 Jan 2003
  billy 23:14 08 Jan 2003

Here is a problem that Msoft knowledge base and threads here don't seem to cover. I have two PCs joined by EthernetXover cable and they can communicate fine. I have given both static IP addresses. I then connect the host via ISDN to the internet and that works fine. I install ICS and the host cannot connect to internet (Page cannot be displayed). I switch ICS off and host can connect OK again. I can connect with ICS off, switch ICS on ask for refresh which will fail, switch ICS off and refresh will work. It appears that ICS is stopping all internet connection (though I do see a few bits are going back and forth across dial connection). Needless to say if teh host cannot connect I have not got as far as seeing what theICS client is doing. Any ideas why this should occur

  The PC Doctor 00:21 09 Jan 2003

Couple of suggestions;

1. Let the PC's find their own IP Addresses - static ones can get in the way sometimes. You usually find one PC has an address this is the one you should be using to connect to the internet. Your other PC shoulf their own IP's of and .3 and .4 etc etc.

2. What Network protocals are you running on your system ? You need TCP/IP on both to access the internet. IPX/SPX if you want to play some networked games. NetBEUI if you want to share files (Don't forget to share the folders on each PC). Once you have these protocals up and running - then install ICS (Allways works for me)

3. Lastly Remove ICS. Get your Internet/Network connection working then Install ICS Again. When installed use your Modem PC and connect to the Internet. Now whilst connected, with the other PC also try to connect to the Internet using LAN settings - it should find its own settings and connect.

4. Whilst checking over before posting I also thought of; make sure you have server assigned TCP/IP address - Server Assigned Address ticked. Your Internet provider needs to tell you what TCP/IP address your PC is to use for the Internet.

Hope some this helps !

You could also look at my webpages about Networks & ICS

click here

  billy 22:22 09 Jan 2003

I did what you suggest on your helpfull WEB site for teh host. but when I try the Client I go to Control Panel, Internet Options, and press Setup. The PC says it is searching for the component. It says it cannot find it then asks me to do Windows update. I did connect to interent directly to get Windows Update but this does not help. Any ideas

  The PC Doctor 00:29 10 Jan 2003

OK Which version of Windows are you running ?

  The PC Doctor 00:58 10 Jan 2003

And which Anti-virus and firewall ?

  billy 20:47 10 Jan 2003

I am using Windows Me and the free version of Zonealarm. To try and get the cleint to connect to internet I have switched Zoenalarm off to simplify the problem but symptoms are still as before.

  The PC Doctor 23:34 10 Jan 2003

Windows version is OK

Set up your network with at least TCP/IP and NetBEUI once your network is up and running ok and you can see files/folders etc then goto control panel add & remove software > Windows Set-up > Internet Tools > ICS and then install it.

Once installed it should have found your network connections and added ICS to each of your protocols.

Once your network option look similar to those on my webpage then connect to the internet and whilst connected then set-up the other PC using connect via local area network & Autodetect settings. (Autodetect should be selected on both PC's)

With a bit of luck you should be now up and running.

I also run the free version of ZoneAlarm and both Internet and LAN should be set to medium security. If either one is set to high on either PC then you will not be allowed to connect to the internet/LAN.

let me know how you go !

  The PC Doctor 23:37 10 Jan 2003

Totally forgot to mention that once installed you need to go to IE Tools > Connection and at the bottom of that form setup your internet/LAN settings.

  billy 20:28 11 Jan 2003

Many thanks for your help. Your advice was spot on. Why can't Microsft help files be as straightforward and helpful?

  The PC Doctor 20:27 12 Jan 2003

Glad to be of help

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