ICS via Hub on 3 Way Network Problems

  The Paul 08:41 11 Jan 2004

I had a Xover set up between my desktop and my laptop which shared everything including access to the Internet. I recently added another desktop and connected all 3 via a hub. All PC's run XP and the firewalls are off.

I have the 3 PC's connected to the hub as 1,2 and 3. All IP addresses are set up as Default Gateway is They see each other and share files and printers - no problem at all.

I cannot, however, connect the two clients to the web. I get a "page cannot be displayed" message when I open up IE on the two clients.

Have I set the hub up incorrectly or is there something else I need to do.

Cheers Paul

  The Paul 09:18 11 Jan 2004

reads - Cannot find server or DNS Error.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  howard60 09:21 11 Jan 2004

your gateway etc. is listed as 192 168 0 1 but with the internet going straight to the hub you are pointing the others to pc no. 1 not the hub.?

  The Paul 09:28 11 Jan 2004

Thanks howard60. I'm not sure I understand.

The Internet is going to my main PC system via dial up (ISDN). Should I set things up differently. There are no instructions worth a dot with the Hub. Should I connect the Host to the hub differently.

  howard60 09:36 11 Jan 2004

not 100% sure but my system feeds to my main pc and ics is set up on it and it is the default gateway for the others. The way you are describing it your internet connection is going straight to the hub but your gateway is pc no.1. I would either try putting your bb connection to pc no. 1 and see what happens. Or find the IP address of your hub and make that the gateway.

  The Paul 09:44 11 Jan 2004

The internet connects straight into my main PC via ISDN dial up rather than broadband. The hub has each of the 3 PC's connected to it as NO's 1,2 and 3. Number 1 is my main PC which has the internet connection. I think maybe that this is where the problem lies but I have no idea why or what. Thanks for looking at it for me.

  howard60 09:50 11 Jan 2004

right back to basics - do you have zone alarm on your main pc? you say firewalls are off have you double checked [they are sneaky and go back on their own sometimes] when you set up the ip addresses did you also set the dns address [same as gateway]. On your main pc no. 1 you should not have anything in the gateway or dns. Hope this helps.

  The Paul 09:58 11 Jan 2004

You are a very patient lad. Thanks.

DNS address is (main pc IP address) and this is also the gateway address. The main system does not have any entries in either gateway or DNS. I have no firewalls installed except the XP firewall which is switched off on all 3 systems.

  howard60 10:23 11 Jan 2004

have you now put the ip address in the dns of both other pcs? as for lad the 60 was the age last year it is now 61. The next thing to try is the properties of your modem connection. In network places - properties - look at the connection to your isdn modem does it say enabled and shared! If it is just enabled but not shared this is your trouble and you will need to run the ics wizard.

  The Paul 10:49 11 Jan 2004

60 and an absolute star. And very patient with it. How thick am I. I hadnt set up the modem to share.

howard60 - cheers mate - Paul

  howard60 11:29 11 Jan 2004

lovely when it all works isnt it.

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