Icons gone from tray

  lisa02 20:11 17 Mar 2005

Icons for the programs I have installed don't always show up on my system tray. Then all of a sudden they do, tried reinstalling the progs to no avail. Then they go again. Why why why?

  VoG II 20:15 17 Mar 2005

Which version of Windows?

Care to mention some examples of the programs?

  lisa02 20:30 17 Mar 2005

XP sp2 with all updates. I have compro tv, should be 4 things for this: IR, schedule, ulead & tweak yc. Nvidia icon for fx5700le, and the icons for my belkin wireless desktop. The printer status thing goes away too as does the volume control.

  VoG II 20:33 17 Mar 2005

Sorry to ask a silly question, but they are not being hidden are they? Click the < at the left of the tray to show all the icons.

  lisa02 20:40 17 Mar 2005

No I don't have it set like that, when I right click toolbar <properties>hide icons <customise> the icons in the past items bit don't match the correct description. Eg the icon for comprotv schedule is red & looks like an internal human organ. Its desc. says windows task manager.

I don't understand how they could be messed up.

  megat193 20:41 17 Mar 2005

Sometimes the Quick Launch feature goes walkabout and you end up with no icons on the taskbar. Try right-clicking the taskbar, the 'Properties' and ensure that Quick Launch is ticked. Then click OK, or Apply. I have some software which causes this to cease functioning on occasion, but I just reset it again.

  megat193 20:42 17 Mar 2005

We posted at the same time, sorry.

  VoG II 20:46 17 Mar 2005

Try Repair Icons in TweakUI click here

  lisa02 01:33 18 Mar 2005


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