rotormota 19:53 08 Mar 2005

Example situation: click on My Documents, window appears & all the folder icons momentarily vanish then reappear.

Happens across the board, not just on My Docs. Not a huge deal but an extremely annoying glitch none the less. Is it a corrupt Windows file? Use to be fine by the way.

I defrag, spysweep, virus sweep, once or twice a week so I know I don't have any aliens so to speak.

OS: Win XP.

Cheers all.

  Graham ® 19:55 08 Mar 2005

Start, Run, sfc, OK.

  Graham ® 19:57 08 Mar 2005

Sorry, XP: sfc /scannow. Note the space.

  VoG II 20:01 08 Mar 2005
  rotormota 20:27 08 Mar 2005

Hi, thanks again VoG. I have done the registry amendment & things seem to be improved.


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